The Ultimate Distraction

You want me to write so I’ll write.
It’s 10 pm and I’m staring blankly at my computer screen.
I don’t know whether its sleep deprivation or the fact
that I’m still in shock either way I can’t find the words to describe
what’s going on in my life right now.
And there’s a lot going on right now.
There’s the new job, the wonderful, unbelievable,
challenging yet insanely seductive new job.

And then there’s him. 

Yes he’s back. 

There were a few weeks there when I thought I was in the
clear, a few great weeks of absolute clarity.

But I knew that it wouldn’t be long before he would suck
me back into his deceitful ways. 

 I can safely say that I’m fighting him off harder and
stronger than ever before but whether or not I’ll win is anyones call. 

So what happened you ask?

The same old games ladies, just the same old games. 

Let me explain… 

I met him after work last Tuesday evening at the dimly lit
Tokanoma bar on Crown St.

“You know I would have flown you over” he said gazing over the Japanese menu.

“That’s nice, but I wouldn’t have had time” I replied
straightening up my blazer and drawing attention to the mystifying straps of my
lingerie peaking out from my top (another incredible Maple HQ creation).

His eyes briefly slipped down below my neck and then back
up again as the hostess approached our private booth.

“She’ll have Grey Goose on the rocks with fresh lime” 

“And for yourself…” the young girl smiled at him, not even acknowledging that I was in the room.

“Just sparkling water, thanks”.

He ordered 10 dishes which I knew would only be the
equivalent of one but I wasn’t even the slightest bit hungry anyway.
“I notice that you haven’t been writing on your little
blog” he said using his chopsticks with excellent precision to dissect his meal as well as my life. 
I laughed.
“Like I said I haven’t had much time” 
I don’t know why I
was being so aloof, I suppose I was just being honest, the truth was I hadn’t
had time. 
“Maybe you just don’t have anything good to write
The next three days he definitely gave me something to think about about…
On the first day he bought me a gorgeous set of lingerie… from our competitors. 

Thanks, but not my style. I text him staying true to my brand but still deeply impressed by the fact that he’d remembered my size. 

On the second day it was a bottle of champagne left on my doorstep. 

And on the third day after I’d come back from lunch I was overwhelmed to find this massive bunch of flowers on my desk…

In not so many words the card basically said: I have the potential to unravel all your hard work, to take all of this away from you but here’s the final gesture to express my upmost admiration, take from it what you will. 

 I took it as a cue to put finger tips to key board and write. By unravel all my hard work I mean the hard work that I have put into eliminating all romantic distractions from my life. 

I have been on my best behaviour, 100% career focused yet somehow I have attracted the most dangerous distraction of all.
Although he goes back to Costa Rica next week I have a feeling that it is going to be a real test eradicating him from my mind. But I have to because if I don’t I can quite easily see my life going up in flames.

Miss P
About me

Heaven on Bourke is a lifestyle blog created by Miss P, a twenty-something author of a Pleasure Guide pamphlet most commonly found in luxe vibrator boxes. True story! She loves to travel between her beachy hometown of Noosa and London's upmarket Notting Hill, where she writes a smut column for a lingerie empire. Off duty, Miss P brunches in the city and dates many interesting characters. All findings on real life, sex and love are recorded in this honest lifestyle blog for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy gorgeous!

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