The Skinny Girl’s Day Guide to Manly

Okay I must apologise because straight off the bat this post is misleading…Who’s skinny? Certainly not me. BUT like every other woman in the world I’m trying to be healthier in 2016. Why? Truthfully, I just want to look like Monica Bellucci, European goddess and international sex symbol.ย 

Monica also doesn’t strike me as the type of lady who takes a day trip and eats three day old sausage rolls from the cafe on the ferry, no that’s something Paige would do.

So in a bid to stick to my New Years resolution, I decided to sniff out the healthy hotspots during my last day trip to Manly.


There are many ways to get to Manly from Sydney but my favourite is to catch the ferry from Circular Quay. While other people tucked into chips and ice creams at the cafe, I made my way up to the bow of the boat and sat on my hands. We cruised past the Opera House and I could almost taste the onion rings and beer at Opera Bar (that’s another story).


The trick when you get to Manly Wharf is not to follow the crowds straight to the beach but to chuck a right on E Esplanade, not only will you avoid being trampled to the ground by all of the people getting off the ferry but you will soon come across a very delicious hole in the wall…


At Native you can stock up on all of the snacks you need for the beach. The best bit is that their baked treats satisfy my fat person cravings but get the skinny Bellucci tick of approval because everything is sugar, dairy and wheat free. I got the Nottella Chocolate Brownie Muffin $5.50 (bottom shelf middle) which was the same price as a regular muffin but completely healthy!

FullSizeRender (8)

The bad news is that I polished off all of my healthy snacks before I got to the beach but the good news is Manly has as many great bars as it has great bums on the beach. Time for a drink?

FullSizeRender (1)

If you’re a fan of The Winery in Surry Hills then you’ll love Manly Wine, same concept only this trendy venue is located right on the beach!


Perfect for an early breakfast or a laid back lunch, Manly Wine has the most mouth watering Summer menu. What is healthier than a dozen freshly shucked oysters? Don’t get me wrong I personally find the little suckers revolting but I’ve been told that they go down a treat on a hot Summers day.


I think I’ll stick to my champagne with a splash of Chambord, it might not be the healthiest lunch option but it certainly tastes delicious while watching the waves roll in on a Sunday afternoon.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 4.24.37 PM

And lucky for me it wasn’t hard to find a handsome gent to finish off those oysters…

IMG_3255 (1)

I’ve been coming to Manly to escape the madness of the city ever since I moved to Sydney. The laid back beach vibe reminds me of Noosa while the delicious offering of places to wine and dine gives this Summer hot spot a cool Sydney edge. The men aren’t bad either…Visit Manly on a Saturday night and you’ll find plenty “Salty Dogs” to go around. Best place to find them? Hugos Manly.


Unfortunately every day trip has to come to an end and as I boarded the ferry I couldn’t help but feel bloody proud that I’d managed a day out without breaking my health kick. Those Monica Bellucci thighs areย now in sight.

Only 355 days to go…


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