Top 10 Noosa Hot Spots

Whether you’re looking for the perfect cocktail or the perfect bikini wax it always helps to have a local’s perspective when travelling to a new destination. It is one of the questions that I get asked most often, what to do and where to wine and dine in Noosa. So, if you’re one of the lucky ladies or gents escaping the chilly city for Noosa’s warmer weather this Winter than you simply must put down that old travel guide and try these sizzling hot spots.

1. The perfect bikini…line

What must you do before you can slip into your dream bikini? Whipper snipper that bush honey! Save yourself the painful DIY wax and head straight to The Brazilian Hunt in Noosa Junction. They also do a fabulous rapid tan if you’re like me and feel a little self conscious about your white city glow! 

2. Indulge in some ultimate beach time

Now that your lady garden is all trimmed and tidy it’s time to hit the beach, unfortunately the same rule applies to most coastal towns: the further you walk from the crowds the better beaches. For a heavenly swim, walk no further than Little Cove (Approximately five minutes walk from Main Beach). Work off the margaritas from the night before with a moderate walk to Tea Tree Bay, one of Noosa’s most secluded beaches. If you’re the ultimate fit girl follow the National Park track all the way to Sunshine Beach or simply drive to Sunshine, park and swim! 

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My absolute favourite spot on the Noosa National Park walk…Dolphin Point.

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3. The best smoothie bowl in Noosa

Keep yourself cool as a cucumber with a delicious smoothie bowl from Blended on Hastings Street. I LOVE that you can mix and match the ingredients to suit your diet. You can have almond milk or substitute sugar for dates but unfortunately there is no ‘add vodka’ option…yet!

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4. Noosa’s best luxe lunch

After all that walking, beaching and sun baking you’ll be hungrier than a Gold Coast bikini model before her first heat. Stroll down the boardwalk to Season for a scrumptious seafood lunch. Here the dinner is even yummier and I promise once you try the seafood antipasto you’ll be back for more. 

Noosa’s best lunch for less

One of my favourite things to do (and by favourite I mean I do this at least twice a week) is order a take away lunch from Nosh and eat it on the beach. Nosh is a little salad bar located next to Bistro C that has been loved by locals for years. Their salads are divine (Chinese chicken is my fave) and the grilled fish and chips is seriously yummy. Nosh is best enjoyed on the sand while watching the waves break. 

5. A very happy hour with the locals

Speaking of Bistro C that is absolutely where you need to be from 3 – 5pm every day for the best view of Noosa’s Main Beach and the most scrumptious cocktails and calimari. 

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6. Noosa’s best luxe dinner

If you’re celebrating a special occasion and have a reason to splurge, a trip to Sails for dinner is a MUST when visiting Noosa. Book a couple of weeks in advance and request a table on the beach (mention that it’s a special occasion) the occasion could be a birthday or just the fact that you’re hungry, both are very good reasons to enjoy delicious food in style.

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Noosa’s best dinner for less

At the start of 2016 Zachary’s, a Noosa institution opened a new pizza bar at 15 Hastings Street and all the locals have flocked to the other end of the street ever since. Nothing says welcome to Noosa like a laid back atmosphere, a delicious pizza and $20 Bacardi jugs.

7. The most delicious dessert in town

Every evening in Noosa hundreds of holiday makers and locals leave their dinner tables in search of a sweet treat. A trip to Massimo’s Gelateria is like the cherry on top of a perfect beach day. I would know because I used to work their scooping waffle cones and cruising hot tourists. It’s the best ice cream in town and to prove that I’m not bias, it was the only job I was ever fired from…Something to do with Massimo’s son. My fave treat is the white chocolate and coffee in a waffle cone, topped off with a stroll down to the beach to watch the sunset.

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8. The hottest spot for a nightcap

Once the sun goes down it’s time for the best espresso martini in town. You’ll find the best cocktail list at Locale located on the Paris end of Hastings Street (opposite Massimo’s). You might even find yourself a cute bartender or a wealthy retired investment banker. After a couple of these espresso infused beverages anything is possible even in sweet little Noosa.

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9. The sexiest place to rest your head

And when it finally comes time to rest your weary head why not do it some place that exudes a sophisticated beach charm? Staying at On The Beach feels like you’re sleeping on the beach just with more stylish amenities and less sand in your pants.

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10. The ultimate morning ritual (coffee, surf and eggs)

Rise and shine gorgeous! Chances are its another stunning day in paradise. If you wake before 11 am the world is your oyster. Make the most of your morning by picking up a coffee from the stylish Sails coffee cart and drinking it at First Point to catch a glimpse of the surfers. Once you’re feeling nice and hungry splurge on one of my favourite breakfasts at Bistro C…Smashed avo and poached eggs, simply heavenly! 

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Looking for some local sex?

I didn’t mention any bars because I don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction. The nightlife in Noosa is a bit like the wildlife in Noosa. You’ll almost never spot a hot surfer dude in their natural habitat if you go out with the intention of finding one. However, your best chance of catching a salty dog is on a Saturday night at either Halse Lodge, Laguna Jacks or Sunshine Beach Surf Club. 

If you have any more questions about a holiday to Noosa or anything to do with HOB drop me a line at xx

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