A Weekend Getaway with the Mysterious Mr R

A couple of visits to his Bondi apartment gave me some insight into the very privileged life that Mr R led but nothing and I mean nothing had prepared me for this weekend…

I didn’t expect that he would actually come and visit me while I was here in Noosa. But he did. He booked a resort that was most central to the beach, yet didn’t tell me the name until the day he arrived. On the Beach is a luxury resort with only a very exclusive amount of rooms all of which come with their own spa and breathtaking beach front views. Growing up in Noosa, I would have never dreamed that one day I’d be staying here with a man…especially not a man like Mr R.

When we opened the door to the incredible spacious suite my first instinct as a giddy twenty-something girl was to check for bathrobes, chocolates on the pillow and take in the unbelievable view of Main Beach. On the night prior to his arrival Mr R also requested that I book us a nice restaurant for the Friday night. I booked three – just in case.

On our first night I decided to take Mr R to Season Restaurant only because I had always dreamed of going there when I was a little girl. My PR skills certainly came into play as I scored us the best seats in the house. He was very impressed to say the least!

I’d heard my parents rave about the seafood antipasto before (pictured below) and Mr R chose the heirloom beetroot dish. Both of which were exceptional.
Ok cut to the point…I hear you say. Sure the food is good. But what about Mr R?! To be honest, I was nervous – Seasons is one of the most expensive restaurants in Noosa and I was more than happy to settle for just an entree. The whole time I was worried If I had enough money in my account to even pay for half, the bottle of wine certainly helped to calm my nerves. Mr R just smiled.
For the main course I had slow roasted pork belly with plum, ginger & rhubarb chutney, fondant potatoes & broccolini and Mr R had pan fried snapper, roast mooloolaba prawn, steamed asparagus, tarragon potato mash, tomato buerre blanc. TOMATO BUERRE BLANC. I can tell you now that I had no idea what that was but it tasted spectacular.
And so there we sat at the waters edge eating and drinking our way into the night. After we finished I ducked into the toilets to fix my makeup and when I came out he was waiting for me by the exit.
‘Did you pay? Here” I scooped a $50 out of my wallet and handed it to him casually. Even though I knew that wasn’t even a quarter of the bill I hoped he would accept it.
‘I got it babe’. He said softly placing his hand on the small of my back. ‘I don’t want you to worry about anything this weekend.’


When I woke up the next morning he was gone. He told me how he was looking forward to surfing Noosa’s famous waves and as soon as he had gotten word that Noosa was about to be hit by massive cyclone swell he was out buying a board. I slowly got dressed and met him for breakfast at 9:30.

Bistro C is one of my all time favourite places to eat in Noosa – lucky for us it is located directly under On the Beach. He had the big breakfast and I had the potato hash with poached eggs, mushrooms and asparagus wrapped in delicious prosciutto.

After breakfast Mr R decided to take his new board out for a spin and like any Noosa girl, I accompanied him.

Mum who just happened to be doing the national park walk stopped by for a chat. I didn’t shut up. Mum insisted that I let Mr R surf while I came and met up with her new boyfriend so I swam out to the point and told Mr R that I’d meet him back at the room for lunch.

When I got back to the resort the lady at reception stopped me. “You must be Paige” she said drily. I paused retracting my finger from the elevator button. “Ah yes” I responded. “You are now in room number 22” she informed me before turning to greet an older couple.

What? Why? My mind raced. 22 was on the top level, I had seen it while I was looking for the external bathroom (come on I wasn’t going to do a number 2 while he was still in the room). I got in the elevator and let it carry me up and up.


I stepped out and wandered around the wide C shaped corridor until I got to number 22. The door was ajar. I hesitated a little before pushing open the door to reveal a huge living area even bigger than the last. Past the kitchen and super long living area I saw Mr. R standing on the private balcony, beside him a single spiral staircase leading up to what I imagined could only be a private rooftop.

OH MY GOD. I could almost see all of Noosa from the rooftop. I could’t believe it! After a few minutes Mr R joined me.

“Don’t get too cosy here Paigey” he said.

“We have an appointment at the spa in 10”.

“Oh my god” I cooed wrapping my arms around the gorgeous man.

That afternoon I had my very first massage – he laid beside me and after 90 minutes of pure bliss he reached over and swept a stray piece of hair off my face.

“I think we should do this every day” he said.

“No!” I replied dreading how much it would cost for even one massage.

“Look Paige I’m going to be surfing every day, I will defiantly need a massage and I’d really like it if you would accompany me”.

I laughed in disbelief and shook my head.

That night I took Mr R to Locale a trendy new bar/restaurant on the Paris end of Hastings Street. He ordered us a bottle of red and I pretended not to notice that the girl behind the bar was Amy Byrne who hated my guts for kissing her boyfriend in high school.

Dinner was good but not as great as Season, is it just me or am I becoming a fine dining expert? Ha I wish!


Instead of going out and bumping into everyone I went to school with I suggested we go back to the room and watch a movie.

Mr R let me pick the movie Notting Hill. I repeat…MR R LET ME PICK THE MOVIE NOTTING HILL. I think that was the moment I fell in love with him. Just joking – but seriously not only did he let me pick it but he watched it with me in all its entirety.

Mid way through he leant over and whispered in my ear. “You know why I actually don’t mind this movie?‘ ‘Why?’ I asked genuinely intrigued as to why any man would enjoy sitting and watching his woman gush over Huge Grant. “Because I used to live in Notting Hill” he sighed.

He rarely ever spoke about his past or how he made his fortune but I could tell that he had fond memories of living in London. Something great had happened to him there.

I absolutely loved the movie (how surprising) and as I slipped into bed Mr R rolled over and kissed my forehead. “You know I still own a place in Notting Hill” he said. “I will take you there some time, the private gardens really are beautiful“. My heart stopped and I barely slept a wink that night.

The next morning Mr R went for a surf and I got up early to prepare a big breakfast. Mum agreed to come over and bring a basket full of organic goodie.

I raced around the room setting the table and buttering the gluten free toast while mum cooked everything effortlessly like a true domestic goddess. Mr R walked in with his surf board at 10am, jumped in the shower and joined us for an amazing feast if I do say so myself.

Although this was the first time Mr R has met mum the two couldn’t shut up. I sat back quietly sipping my coconut water and marvelling at how much my life had changed…for the better.


After my third massage I invited my partner in crime over to share in this dream-like experience.



Its not a holiday without a rooftop photo montage. Selfies and pouts galore.

Look at us now Sunshine Beach State High School we made it!!

Even though I was still well and truly full from breakfast Mr R insisted we go out for a late lunch. I took him to Berados Bistro on the beach opposite Bistro C.

What a feast!


Lets put it this way – I’d never seen so much food ordered for two people for lunch in my life. I don’t think the waitresses had either. Over our delicious meal and two cups of coffee we spoke about the flaws of the digital age and the incredible mind fuck which is relationships and social media. Lucky for me Mr R doesn’t have Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or Snapchat. And therefore I can never stalk him or his ex girlfriend from five years ago. Pity.

However sometimes I wish I could delve just a little deeper into the mind of this man who seams so guarded. I knew he loved spending time with me but just what were his long term intentions? If he could have anyone in Sydney then why me, a reckless young Dirthouse Queen? And then as I was cleaning up the room I found a peculiar looking book amongst his designer shirts.

Love’s Journey – The Seasons and Stages of Relationship by Michael Gurian. Was it possible that he was trying to figure me out too?

After all it had been over a year since I had met him and I wasn’t letting him in easy. But why wasn’t I? Around Mr R I wasn’t emotional and hot headed like I was with most men. I wasn’t itching to find out what tomorrow would hold and where the relationship was going. I was just comfortable and self assured. With Bill and every other man before that the topic of conversation was always the relationship. ‘Tell me what you’re feeling’ or ‘where are we going to be a year from now’. With Mr R there was none that.
As our five nights in paradise rolled to an end I found myself thinking about Mr R’s purpose in my life more and more. Like most things to do with this unique relationship the answer was simple. I had finally found someone who truly believes that I deserve the world. A man who wasn’t afraid to put in the effort to fly across a country to see me. A man who looks at me like I am wonderful even though I’m just some small town girl. A man who gives me everything yet expects nothing in return.
The psychic was right, Mr R has shown me the finer things in life. Sure a lot of them came with a hefty price tag but many of the things he had given me like his time, admiration and patience were absolutely priceless.
You know none of us need a psychic to tell us our fate. If we date emotionally unavailable dick heads who can’t invest five minutes in us chances are sooner or later we’re going to get screwed. Maybe if we bother to look amongst the bullshit we just might notice that guy, that good guy who has been waiting for us all along.
Yeah its totally cliche but in the end if we believe that we are all Queens – which I completely 100% do then why do we bother settling for anything less than a King?
Is Mr R my King? Who knows. Only time will tell.
Maybe it won’t hurt for me to pay the psychic a friendly visit? After all I’ve still got a few days left in Noosa.
Until next time lovers xx
P x
Miss P
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