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I bet you’re wondering how a girl who has grown up in Noosa not love Byron Bay? That’s what the girls were thinking anyway when I gladly took control of the wheel and accelerated in the direction of the Sunshine Coast. Although both towns are geographically very similar Noosa is certainly more fit for a Queen as it offers something that Byron Bay doesn’t…a little bit of luxury.

Nothing in this world is free especially not accommodation in the middle of Summer at one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations. However my dad was generous enough to lend us his house for the weekend on one condition…we complete a small list of chores. Such as…

Take the bins out (and in)

Look after the birds…

And regularly feed the resident beast…



Once that was out of the way we finally had time to relax. Cider and mango anyone?




Surely my dad wasn’t going to leave us at his man cave unsupervised…

After a few drinks we made our way to Hastings Street. since the girls had never been before I took it upon myself to be the perfect host. To start cocktails at Bistro C on the water, my favourite seaside hang out.

Followed by Hendrix and fresh cucumber at the newly refurbished Cato’s bar now known as Noosa Beach House. It seems as though every time I come home to Noosa something on Hastings Street has changed which to me is a little sad. In my high school years Youth Culture was the one stop shop for all local gals looking for a fun and flirty weekend dress, don’t get me wrong the reasonably priced boutique is still there however, after nearly a decade the name has been changed to Parallel Culture. Whhhyyyyy? One of Noosa’s signature Italian restaurant’s Ma Mensa has also shut down and been replaced by Miss Moneypenny’s a ‘funky cocktail bar’ eh.

One change that I am excited about however is Locale located down the Paris end of Hastings (opposite Massimo’s). The wine bar looks amazing and very contemporary compared to many of Noosa’s premier restaurants. To be honest Byron Bay trumps Noosa in the food department. From a locals perspective I barely ever eat out on Hastings Street because it is so damn over priced compared to Surry Hills. But more about eating out in Noosa on a later date.
The main reason I wanted to get The Queen’s to Noosa was to show them the beautiful beaches.
The first few days were spent swimming and sunbathing at Little Cove but by the forth day the girls were ready to go exploring. I took them through Noosa National Park past my favourite meditation spot, Dolphin Point (pictured below) all the way to Hells Gates.

On the way back we stopped at Tea Tree for a quick swim. For those of you who have been to Noosa before or who are planning on travelling here in the future I suggest  you explore some of Noosa’s more secluded beaches. Yeah Main Beach is just a stones throw away from the main drag but if you keep walking up the points you’ll find some of the most breathtaking views and swimming hot spots.



And if you do make it all the way to Hells Gates remember to hold onto your hat as things can get pretty windy up there!

The rest of the time was spent chilling out at my place. It was nice not to all be squished up into one tiny little backyard for a change.

On the last night we decided to stay in and hang out with the family. A night of wholesome family  fun including a few games of pool and some home made pizza went down a real treat compared to random boy snog sessions and 2am Maccas runs we’ve grown accustom to in the big smoke.




For The Dirthouse Queen’s first trip to Noosa I wanted it to be super chilled, especially since Queen B and Queen L are back to work in Sydney on Monday. Having them here really made me appreciate where I’m from. Although sometimes I may despise it (sorry Byron Bay) sun, sand and salt water is in my blood. I guess that’s why I always gravitate to the Eastern suburbs when I’m at home.

I already have some sneaky things planned for next time the Queen’s come and spend some time with me by the sea. Surfing lessons anyone? Taking out the old jet ski’s perhaps?

But for now I have to start preparing for Mr R’s arrival on Friday. Time to snap into city girl mode…hair, nails and bikini line must all be sorted out as well as a reservation at one of Noosa’s finest resorts.

This is undoubtedly the best time I’ve had in Noosa since I was 15 sneaking out to meet boys at the old Beach chalet in Sunrise. Oh some things never change.

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