A Few Days Away

Was three days away enough? Not even close.
But it was enough time to give mum and dad a kiss, catch up with a close girlfriend, get a lovely sun tan and do a tiny tiny bit of study.
When going on a spontaneous trip one must always remember to pack the essentials… 

Taking off in the middle of exam week can have its disadvantages but you know what they always say…you should always try your hardest to make the most out of a bad situation.

So it wasn’t really a bad situation at all. I got a little writing done…

A few new freckles…

And somehow made it down to Hastings for a bite to eat

And despite the fact that I had a seriously disgusting face consuming flu, I still managed to gaze peacefully out to sea.

But one must always be aware of their priorities to tan…study. 
Because dad didn’t know I was coming home and he had to work I was alone for the most part…except for the wild beasts that roam his property. 
Oh no thats just Murray, my Aussie bulldog…he’s harmless and just between you and I (quite silly and very clumsy). 
The wild beast I’m referring to is Miles who is pictured below…can you spot him?

Say Hello Miles…

I love my dad for many reasons, one main one being that he spent nearly a grand on massive concrete gorilla to hide in his garden. 
“If one person drops their wine glass over the next decade Miles will be worth every cent” he laughs. 
Unfortunately it wasn’t long before I had to leave again. Whyyyyyyyyyy??? I was asking myself all the way to the airport. 
Back to the city…


I jump into the first available cab it smells like ciggies and sweat and aftershave. 8:38pm on time impressive.

As soon as I exit out of flight mode the clock immediate flicks over to 9:38. I’ve just lost an hour of my life. I’ve been back in the city for barely 10 minutes and time is flying before my eyes. 

“Is that address Redfern” the cab driver asks

 “No, Surry hills” I snap 

Aggressiveness – city girl.

Cab driver continues to talk about how he once lived in Surry hills,  I proceed to ask him several questions about his three daughters as we turn down Bourke St.

Engaging in conversation with cab driver – Noosa girl

We stop outside The Dirthouse, I give him a fifty.

He passes me the change as I gather my bags. I count it and it’s short $10.

I argue with the cab driver for a minute but eventually get my change.

Arguing for money – city girl.

The cab driver pulls away from the curb and I continue to stand there on the street marvelling at the bright lights, fresh new graffiti and our dilapidated mansion swaying tall and proud in front of me.

As much as I like to refer to myself as a city girl now, there’s no denying that I’m a Noosa girl at heart.

Sometimes it takes me a few days away to appreciate this. I know it sounds stupid but I can see things a lot clearer now especially after being able to step away from it all.

I jiggle my key in the old lock and finally it clicks open…



Miss P
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