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So I have finally gotten around to starting a segment that I would like to call the Surry Hills Breakfast Club. Breakfast is indeed your most important meal of the day and who knows breakfast in Surry Hills better than a couple of local hipsters. Of course thats not me I’m referring to (apart from owning a pair of navy Vans but thats more like surfer chic) i’m talking about Queen L and her new man, the quintessential hipster who is now permanently attached to her hip. Queen L’s new pimped up ride also makes an appearance in this weeks blog because it has gold rims and matte black detailing reowwww. Enjoy…
Cowbell 808  



So i have decided to kick this portion of the blog off with some of the meanest pancakes in town, fluffy morsels of absolute pleasure that you will only find at a little place called Cowbell 808 conveniently located on 616 Bourke Street, Surry Hills.

Brew, Beats & Bites what more could you want really? Now this little place is relatively new to Surry Hills, so much so that we were all a little sceptical when it first opened its doors – just another cafe that strives to be even edgier than the last we thought? It wasn’t until my neighbour told me that it had pancakes to rival Bills famous ricotta hotcakes that I decided to go and test it out myself.

Naturally I had to take along the world’s toughest pancake critic, Queen L…

And her new boyfie (she’s adamant that they are official yet but the fact that they have started wearing the same thing to breakfast suggests otherwise) who is actually a massive legend of a guy.

Anyway back to Cowbell 808, this place is seriously decked out – probably better than most cafes in the area. The decor is a quirky mix of basketball hoops, giant lego heads and other bits and bobs that raise an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. The huge stack of records under the counter are awesome as well as the saturday-night-fever-esque disco ball hanging from the ceiling but I think the main attraction of this place would have to be the little old couple who you’ll find working the floor every day. They won’t hesitate to totter over for a chat or put their hand on your shoulder to ask you if they can get you anything else, its like being at your grandparents place with a twist…

Yo grandparents ain’t never made you pancakes like these before! These my friends are the famous Cowbell 808 fluffy ricotta hotcakes sandwiched between layers of incredibly smooth mascarpone with a hit of espresso syrup and ridiculously creamy bacon ice-cream (yes thats bacon) on top. These pancakes are taste bud explosive, coma inducing eye candy that I recommend you share with someone you love very very very much…and if you can’t find someone who fits that description you’re are just going to have to eat it all yourself. Toughy. Oh wait did I mention that they’re only $14 as well? I think we all just found our soul mate.

We also ordered the smashed avo and re-fried beans on sourdough with coriander and lime and a delicious fried egg on top to cleanse the pallet in between bites of pancake. While Queen B thought there was too much beans and the flavour didn’t really pack the punch I quite enjoyed this rendition of the classic “beans on toast” as it was filling and the beans were well…purple. $16 without fried egg, $18 with.

Mr. H Hanson tucked into the special of the day which was a 12 hour slow cooked beef sourdough sandwich with a perfectly fired egg. I assume there was more to his meal than just bread, beef and egg but to be honest Queen L and I were too busy tucking into our meals to take note. Nonetheless Mr. H Hanson let me have a bite and the beef was absolutely melt in your mouth amazing.


To be honest I thought the pancakes were going to be a little OTT with all of the fiery components but it really was quite the contrary. The bacon ice-cream was the only really sweet element of the dish which complimented the other more subdued yet perfectly textured flavours perfectly. Overall the Fat Stack Hot Cakes was the winning plate and the highlight of the Cowbell 808 experience. I must also make a note that unlike a lot of places in Sydney the coffee here is really good and to Queen L’s delight they serve Bonsoy!

Unfortunately this is the toll fat stack pancakes take on two little hipsters…

But what better way to work it off than a stroll back to the Dirthouse. *The cafe in the photo is Cafe Zoe one of my faves…look out for a review soon!

Ohhhhhh how appropriate, a walkway thrift shop…

Its true…no one knows breakfast like us.


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