Back To The 90s – Dirthouse Style

My recollection of the 90s was The Backstreet Boys (fighting with mum about which BB was the hottest – she liked Kevin because he was hairy and manly and I LOVED Nick Carter because he was well Nick Carter), excessively playing Aqua on my discman and thinking I was cool because my closet was decked out in Mambo denim. Its safe to say I’ve come a long way since then (I now play Aqua on my iPhone) but every Sunday morning The Dirthouse queens and I still find ourselves listening Third Eye Blind or Alanis Morissette if not for the sobering lyrics but to convince ourselves that its just ironic that four grown women have ended up severely hungover and filling in the blanks of the night before, yet again. So, in order to bring back the 90s and not have to worry about losing our purses or our way home we decided to throw a little shindig at The Dirthouse. We erected a marquee and decked out the backyard with all things 90s, from glow in the dark stickers to multi-coloured hullahoops and 90s balloons (which we had trouble sticking upright hence 06 in the photo below). We invited along a bunch of our closest friends and created the mother of all playlists with everything from Nirvana to Eiffel 65. Of course it would be a 90s party without red cups, a highly potent bowl of punch and an American Pie marathon playing in the background.
So without further a due – this is the 90s, Dirthouse style…
I can’t really tell you how Queen L got ahold of a neon pink can of spray paint but I’m really glad she did as it ended up becoming the perfect backdrop for the wild night that followed…
In the photographs below I will use quotes as hints to who the famous 90s characters that attended our party were…
“I do not wear polyester hair, okay? Unlike some people I know like Shawana.”
“Is that…is that hair gel?”
  “Been shopping with Dr. Suess?”
– “Well at least I didn’t skin a collie to make my backpack”
– “It’s Faux”.
“Hey did you see that?”
– “Urg. Skateboards. Thats like so five years ago”.
“Yo. I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. So tell me what you want, what you really, really want.”
Gwen Stefani hanging out with some beautiful 90s partygoers…
This shot looks like it is straight out of a 90s teen sex comedy…


TM being smooth as Vanilla Ice…



And then things started to get, well… a little messy…
And messier…
And at 10:45pm this was the last photograph I managed to get…a bit of a worry seeing as though the party didn’t end until 4am. We’re still finding Mentos and other iconic 90s food in all sorts of weird places including wedged behind the couch and half buried in a number of pot plants, not looking forward to cleaning this mess up – but I can definitely say the mess was well and truly worth it to bring the 90s back to The Dirthouse just for one crazy night!
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