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Dear Miss P, I need some advice and unfortunately it is not advice on men (although I wish it were). Rather, advice on moving and applying for a position. As you may or may not know, I graduate college (thank god!) at the end of the year and applications for graduate nursing positions are opening in May (questions posted below). 

Hello my dear! First of all congratulations on surviving the academic chapter of your adult life! Unfortunately only a tiny percentage of this knowledge that you have garnered will prepare you for moving to a big city.

But DO NOT WORRY In fact do the exact opposite. Make yourself a martini (that semi-old bottle of wine in the fridge will also do nicely) take a seat and just breath. Then take a pen and a fistful of highlighters to a piece of paper and create a plan. Your plan might start in May on the date you must submit your nursing app. Then, list several other placement preferences.

  1. DREAM hospital
  2. Slightly less dreamy yet just as amazing hospital
  3. Another hospital
  4. Another hospital
  5. The café next to any hospital

Apply for them all and invest just as much love and attention into your last preference as your do your number one preference. Do the same for the areas you want to live in.

Now to your questions:

1. How do I ace that interview (whether it be in person/over the phone or online)?

The best bet is to research everything you can about the company you want to work for and then focus on the aspects that you love. Talking up your career aspirations and experience in an interview is great but explaining in detail what you can do to help the business achieve their vision is better. Through my experience rubbing shoulders with some of Australia’s biggest and brightest CEOs I’ve discovered that what many bosses look for are “shiny eyes”. Prove that you are willing and determined to work hard and let your passion for what you love about the industry shine through.

2. What is an appropriate outfit for an interview (dress or pant suit)?

It depends on the job you’re going for! For my first interview I wore a silk black blouse, fitted pencil skirt and a bold red lip. Of course a nursing position is a little different to the lingerie biz! The important thing is that you wear what you feel confident, sophisticated and comfortable in. Black is the best option and don’t make the mistake of being too underdressed! I know you wouldn’t even dream about it however, I once had a girl rock up to an interview wearing jeans, Converse and a white T-shirt (which is fine if you’re in Noosa and going for the position of a snow cone server).

3. If I do move to Sydney, should I stay with friends/family before finding freedom.

I might not know much about men but I do know the exact answer to this question! First, before you even book your plane ticket to Sydney save as much money as you can! The cost of living here can be very, very expensive and you don’t want to have to get a lack-lustre job straight away if you haven’t already lined up your dream career. Then if you can, stay with family NOT your friends. The less strain on your exisiting friendships the better because whatever friends you do have here will become your support group, an absolute necessity to surviving in the big city.

4. Where should I move if the job is located south of Sydney CBD (think Randwick)?

When I first moved to Sydney I lived on High Street in Kensington (very close to Randwick) the beauty of Randwick is that it is such a central location. You can get there from almost any suburb: Paddington, Surry Hills, Bondi Junction. Don’t let your work dictate where you live, remember they are two separate parts of your life! Find somewhere you love first that you can afford and feel inspired by and then check the transportation links…there will be plenty! However, if you work in Randwick try not to reside in North Sydney or Manly. The bevy of hot beachy boys can be tempting but it won’t be worth the long bus/ferry/train ride!

5. Should I be shitting myself from fear of failing?

That’s weird! I experience this exact feeling every day…Some call it IBS and others just refer to that shitting yourself sensation as life outside your comfort zone.

When I’m worried about something I always like to ask myself “What is the worst that could happen?”

The answer is usually “I’ll be forced to go back to Noosa and become a snow cone server on the beach” or “pregnancy”.

If it’s ever the latter at least I will know where to find someone who can help me…

You! 10 months from now at The Royal Women’s Hospital in Randwick, Sydney.

Thank you for the questions and good luck kicking those career goals pretty lady!

P x

Miss P
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Sydney Bound Nurse
Reply April 13, 2016

If you ever need nursing advice on IBS, preventing pregnancy & how to not become a snow cone server; you know where to find me.

Sydney bound x

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