A Night with The Butler

Passing Kings Cross station I see a prostitute arguing with a bouncer, the cab diverts down Victoria Street before coming to a sudden halt. “It’s around here somewhere.” the driver says demanding $12 and thrusting me out into what looks like slightly gloomy residential area. I spot a couple of lanterns glowing in the dark and a sign that says 123 Victoria St. Thank god – I’m here.

While there’s nothing fabulous about getting to Potts Point’s newest bar, there’s no denying once you’ve found him you’ll never want to leave.
By him I mean The Butler…
Photo: @thebutler
I have wanted to experience The Butler ever since it opened in November last year and garnered rave reviews from all the toughest critics (my boss included). So when my friend Lucy and I finally planned to meet for a wine last Tuesday night my expectations were as high as the Centrepoint Tower, which you can conveniently see from the restaurant’s glorious terrace (pictured above).
I met lovely Lucy in the fireplace-lit foyer before we were led down the stairs to the main restaurant. We were seated on the terrace overlooking a breathtaking city skyline and then a waiter handed me a pretty little menu that said Bar… A +
Although I had my eyes on the pinot noir it didn’t take much for Lucy to convince me to share a bottle of champagne. A night away from Netflix was enough reason to celebrate.
Feeling peckish? We were informed that all the mains are designed to be shared which perfectly complements the warm social atmosphere. The Butler served up some delicious oysters for Lucy (because she’s fancy) and the cured meats plate for myself.


By 7 pm the place was buzzing with an attractive crowd. Cool girls with burgundy lips and polished gents unwinding after a day in the office.
Yet in our little bubble on the balcony it didn’t feel the least bit pretentious. A + +
If you love spectacular views, French inspired menus and dining amongst Sydney’s social elite you will love what The Butler has to offer you.
Or if you’re more like me, dreaming of lustful long lunches on the terrace and sexy place to take your more eligible date, The Butler plays the perfect host for a FABULOUS time on the town.
Tip The Butler 
  • Book in advance even for a Tuesday evening. This place gets booked out very quickly and it can be hours before you get a table if you turn up unannounced.
  • Don’t get lost in the darkness of Potts Point! Look for the lanterns on the left side of the street if you’re coming from Kings Cross station.
  • Dress smart (and even smarter if you want to pick up).
  • Take someone who doesn’t mind sharing food and lustful glances at other peoples food.
  • If you loved the Butler try Bondi Hardware, The Botanist or SoCal also owned by Hamish Watts and Ben Carroll.
And don’t forget to touch up your lipstick! The Butler is currently high on the list of places to see and be seen in Sydney which also means you shouldn’t get too carried away with that pretty little bar menu I mentioned earlier. BUT If you’re a girl like me who rarely behaves, Kings Cross is just a stones throw away…
Tip me later.


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