Sunday Brunch at Jonah’s

Jonah’s is undoubtedly one of my favourite places in the world. Every time I walk through the doors of this Palm Beach paradise I feel like I magically transform from a pauper into princess.
I have written about Jonah’s world class views of Whale Beach many times before on HOB but today it’s all about the food. The best bit is that you can indulge in a three course brunch at Jonah’s award winning restaurant for just $50. That’s cheaper and far more luxurious than your usual Sunday plans (coffee and a bikini wax).
Brunch at Jonahs
Before we continue you must know that a reservation is essential for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, If you don’t have a booking not all is lost, you can still experience the finer things on the terrace, but that’s another story Jonah’s Terrace Blog Post.
Now here’s the catch for my more central Sydneysiders, Jonah’s is located approximately 60 minutes from Sydney CBD, so you’ll need a magic carpet or a boy with a car to get you there.
For all logical reasons I chose the latter.Dressed in our Sunday best with a coffee in hand we began the journey from Surry Hills to Palm Beach in the wee hours of the morning.

We left so early that we were the first to arrive which meant we got to pick the best table in the house. Can you see the ocean from here?

As we took our seats in front of the hideous view, French-style mini croissants were served with house made jam for us to nibble on while we decided what we would like for our first and second courses.

For the first course we ordered the poached rhubarb bircher muesli with apple compote and the warm Belgian waffles with lychees, ricotta and toasted pecans.


All of the dishes I’ve ever had at Jonah’s have been presented spectacularly. The bircher was lovely however…


I had my heart set on the waffles which were sweet, toasty and deliciously comforting on a cool Sunday morning.


The tiny flowers are edible too!


Once we polished off the first breakfast there was only enough time for half of a face selfie before the second course arrived in front of us.


I was instantly smitten by the truffle scrambled eggs served on a heavenly slice of fluffy brioche.

And just when I thought I couldn’t eat anymore, I was offered a bite of his poached eggs and sweetcorn fritter with the crispiest bacon, cherry tomatoes, crushed avo and bronze fennel.


A bite turned into a several spoonfuls and suddenly I was being rolled outside to the terrace for some fresh air.

HOB Tip: If you’ve already had a coffee on the journey here save the hot beverage included in the package until last and order a hot chocolate to have on the terrace. Snuggle up to your love under a complimentary Morgan & Finch blanket while taking in the views. It’s pure ecstasy.
Included in the $50 Winter Breakfast Package you get:
  1. A croissant with French butter and jams to start.
  2. A first course of whatever you desire.
  3. A second course (something hot).
  4. A coffee to have now or a tea or hot chocolate to have on the terrace later.
  5. And a freshly squeezed juice to sip during your meals.
WARNING: Do not eat the night before if you expect to get through this breakfast. It’s huge!
Since you’ve come all the way to Palm Beach why not make a day of it?
Cruise through the streets with the top down, your sunglasses on and the wind in your hair. Allow yourself to surrender to a serious case of property envy. Ocean front mansion with infinity pool – fabulous darling.
Want to spoil someone very special? You can stay at Jonah’s for lunch, dinner and even a night in one of their eleven luxury Ocean Retreat Rooms.On one condition: You take me with you!

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