What to Really Expect from a Bed & Breakfast

Prior to last weekend I had never stayed at a Bed and Breakfast, in fact I have booked some pretty dodgy hotels just to avoid it. Why? Because the thought of sleeping in a strangers newly renovated shed and eating their cornflakes for breakfast gave me the creeps. I imagined the bed would be made with scratchy left over linen someone’s grandmother gave them for Christmas and the amenities would consist of whatever was on special at Aldi that week.
But as we rolled up to Edgelinks Country House last Saturday afternoon all of my doubts quickly faded away. The handsome gent who convinced me to try a B&B assured me that Edgelinks was one of the highest rated retreats in the Blue Mountains and usually booked out. They must have some tasty cornflakes I thought to myself…
We were greeted by rugged irishman who looked as though he’d spent the morning chopping wood. He welcomed us in and took us on a tour of the house. The living/dining room looked very accommodating with several perfectly made dining tables which looked out onto a peaceful terrace. Interesting…no huge family table or old Father’s Day mugs here.
The Irishman who turned out to be quite funny and charming then showed us to our room, the Lunette suite. It was warm, welcoming and had a spectacular view of the gardens. He pointed out a silver tray of chocolate coated strawberries and a bottle of champagne chilling on ice.
There is tea and coffee in the mini bar and fresh milk will be delivered to your room every morning…the box of chocolates are on the house” he noted before leaving us to our own devices.
It didn’t take me long to shed my layers and slip into the gorgeous spa bath with a glass of sparkling wine.
To my delight there was no Aldi products in sight only three big bottles of decadent, organic shower products. I lathered up twice, not something I you can usually do with the tiny bottles provided in a hotel.
 I dried my soft locks and took a few pouty selfies before we headed out to Katoomba for dinner.
Dinner turned into one too many glasses of red wine and at 1 am we snuck back into Edgelinks, hoping the man of the house wouldn’t catch us out. We were meet only with a spectacularly comfortable bed with a deliciously cosy heated mattress! Zzzzzz.
The next morning it was cold and rainy outside and while we wanted to stay in bed, the smell of brown sugar beckoned us out to the dining room.
The irishman who looked as though he’d been up for hours showed us to a table before bringing out a lime green chalk board.
Can I get you a cup of tea or coffee while you decide what you would like for a starter and main?” he said.
A starter and a main!? It was official I was in brunch heaven…
The main benefit of bringing a beau is that you can try everything on the menu.
We dusted off our delicious starters and mains in complete silence. I have never enjoyed brunch more in my life.
By the end of it we were stuffed. That didn’t stop him from offering us some homemade tea cake that his wife had baked that morning.
There was something very sexy and humbling about a man who did everything himself, while I was yet to actually see his wife I’m sure she was hard at work out the back reading the Sunday paper and watching telly.
Speaking of, it was time to go back to the room and read some of the glossy magazines I had stashed in my overnight bag.  There was a bottle of cold milk sitting on the doorstep.
Time for a cuppa!
Despite being in the Blue Mountains I had absolutely no desire to leave Edgelinks. Why climb a mountain when you can stay in bed and watch Notting Hill from the communal movie stash in the hallway?
In the late afternoon we emerged to take our place in front of the fire. The rain trickled down outside and we met another couple who had been escaping the city to Bed and Breakfasts all over NSW for years.
The next day I was preparing myself for another warm bowl of porridge when we were presented with a completely different line up on the lime green chalk board. This is why I don’t go to festivals. My favourite act is the ruby red grapefruits followed by homemade crepes.
I could definitely get used to this…
Crepe it up, crepe it up, up!
 And then it was time say goodbye to our lovely host and head back to the city.
“No I don’t want to leave, this is my happy place” I said to my guy who was practically dragging me out of the door and into the rain.
“Save me doggy!”
 Who would have though two days ago that I would be sad to leave this place.
I admit while I have a penchant for fancy hotels, there is something super indulgent about a quality B&B experience. You aren’t treated like just another reservation number and those who run B&B’s are usually passionate about providing the best experience for their guests. I can see why people transform their homes into full time retreats.
For your peace of mind I wont be whoring out my spare bedroom and whipping out a chalk board full of wines and cheeses anytime soon…although that is an idea.
If you’re yearning for a weekend escape check out the top 10 B&B’s in NSW here.
For the fraction of the cost of a mediocre hotel you can save your pennies and spend them on a new pair of jeans. I cant guarantee you’ll be the same weight once you return to the city after a weekend of brunches and complimentary chocolates!
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