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I like to think of this blog as the conversation you should be having with your closest girlfriends at Saturday morning brunch.

“Why won’t that bloody idiot text me?” “I queefed during sex last night and nearly died” “I deserve a promotion but because I’m the youngest in the company no one will even consider me” “What does it mean if he wants to snap chat? Surely he wants more than just a picture of my cat?” “I went to get a brazilian wax and the apprentice actually burnt my vagina lip” “What on this menu is paleo? – whatever I’ll have the ricotta pancakes.”
I realise that many if not all of the questions above are crude and vapid however when in the exquisite company of our BFFs we shouldn’t have to sensor ourselves or strive to generate penetrating dialect.
BTW I never want to hear the words ‘generate penetrating dialect’ on a Saturday morning when my head is already spinning from the events of last night. There’s only one type of penetrating I want to know about and the rest of the story I want in layman’s terms.
I understand that many of you out there have fancy friends who only generate penetrating dialect and thats why you read Heaven on Bourke. Because although Australian politics and global warming are relevant, realising that the guy you fell in love with on Tinder is actually 20kg heavier in real life is an issue you need to address NOW!
98.9% of the stuff I write about on here comes from conversations I have with my housemates ‘aka the Queens’. Where do these conversations take place? In and around The Dirthouse – at breakfast tables all over Surry Hills.
Last Saturday our dish sesh took place at Kepos Street Kitchen
Althought Kepos Street is technically located in Redfern this popular cafe is tres Surry Hills. Everything from the buzzing atmosphere to the hipster looking waitstaff screams Surry but it’s the Middle Eastern inspired menu that keeps you coming back regardless of its slightly ambiguous location.
The first time I stepped foot into KSK I felt as though I was on the set of Sex and the City filming a brunch scene. The interior is cool and clean, with big tables perfect for spilling gossip on.
As soon as we sat down Ms P received a text message from a guy she has been dating and just like that it was on…
“I don’t know why he sent you that – it’s so small I can barely see it” “Wtf a simple hey I’m thinking of you would have been better don’t you think?” “Ew I haven’t even had my morning coffee and he’s sending me shit like this.”
Waiter – we need coffees pronto!
Unless you’re from Sydney or you are just very in tune with coffee culture you wouldn’t know that The Grounds coffee is the best coffee you can get in the city. You may have heard of the Grounds of Alexandria well this delicious blend comes direct from them. I usually go out of my way to drink The Grounds coffee lucky for me Coco Noir just near my work stocks it as does KSK.
We ordered 2 x long blacks and a soy latte – they tasted sublime as always.
As the topic of conversation started to drift from dick pics to careers we decided it was time to line our stomaches.
Initially I disliked the fact that at KSK you can’t just order eggs with a selection of sides, however on further inspection I decided that the menu was so well put together that there was really something for everyone.
Something healthy yet hearty for me – lamb stew with poached eggs.
Something with zest and variety for Ms P – dad’s favourite breaky
And something a little bit naughty (after all it is the weekend) for Ms B – egg and bacon brioche roll
Ms P ordered ‘Dad’s favourite breaky’ $16 which was essentially a warm tasting place consisting of falafel, hummus, labneth, dukkah, hardboiled egg, tomato salad and bread. I highly recommend this meal to those looking to soak up the excess alcohol in their systems from the night before.
I ordered the spicy chickpea and lamb shank stew with poached eggs on top $19. The perfect combination of spices and fluffy poached eggs made this meal super delicious. The presentation of the dish makes you feel like you’re hanging out in your kitchen at home, eating straight from the stovetop.
Ms B ordered the egg and bacon brioche roll with homemade chilli jam and roasted tomatoes and spinach $14. (for a complete picture of the brioche roll do not see the picture below).
If you have never tried brioche before you need to stop, get up from your couch/desk, go outside and get some into ya right now! Don’t be fooled, it looks like a regular roll (maybe a little more on the fluffy side) but as soon as you bite into it, it tastes and feels like a croissant! Once again Ms B picked the best meal of all I mean did you catch a look at that bacon!? I don’t say this often but…perfect bacon.
When we’d finally devoured the feast we were all so full that we could barely mutter a word. To me that is my definition of a perfect brunch – you purge your thoughts, feelings and problems and then you eat!
Kepos Street Kitchen is an excellent place to do this.
You can find the incredible illustration above and more info on KSK here.
Like many Surry Hills eateries, if you’re dining out on the weekend you’re going to have to be patient. At KSK you will need to go inside and write your name down to ensure you get a table. After you’ve finished stuffing your face I highly recommend taking a stroll down Bourke Street, if you keep your eyes pealed on the left you’ll see a very dilapidated terrace house. Inside the house is me, compiling all the brunches into stories for you to read.
For the perfect brioche roll visit Kepos Street Kitchen and for the conversation you should be having with your girlfriends here is the place to be.
Much love,
Heaven on Bourke xx
Miss P
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Heaven on Bourke is a lifestyle blog created by Miss P, a twenty-something author of a Pleasure Guide pamphlet most commonly found in luxe vibrator boxes. True story! She loves to travel between her beachy hometown of Noosa and London's upmarket Notting Hill, where she writes a smut column for a lingerie empire. Off duty, Miss P brunches in the city and dates many interesting characters. All findings on real life, sex and love are recorded in this honest lifestyle blog for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy gorgeous!


Reply March 7, 2014

I am in complete agreement - girlfriends should be the people we talk to about all the nitty gritty wild stuff we obviously can't bring up in the workplace or with our uni acquaintances. And KSK looks fab. I'm semi starving myself so I can fit into a sexy leather number tomorrow night but I might try getting a table on Sunday for when my hangover requires carbs and grease. Have a great weekend, looking forward to hearing all about it on here!

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