The Best Wine, Cheese & Men in Sydney

One of my favourite things to do on a Friday night is find an understated bar and share a cheese board and a bottle of wine with a friend.

A couple of other things usually fall into the equation like a great dress, a killer pair of heels, handsome men and drunken adventures. But if the antipasto plate isn’t quite right e.g. not enough meat then things can go south pretty quickly.

(That wouldn’t be the first time an inadequate salami ruined my evening).

This new segment, ‘The Best Wine, Cheese and Men’ will celebrate Sydney’s best bars where you can be sure to find a fabulous bottle of wine, a delicious cheese board and a handsome crowd.

First up! Chester White and the German Guy. 

On Friday I was reunited with my work wife and Beyonce lookalike, Miss A. We took some celebratory, candid laughing selfies while our males colleagues looked on in complete and utter confusion.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 6.47.41 pm

We had both heard great things about Chester White Cured Diner so we decided to skip out of Surry Hills in search of this delicious new venue.

When we arrived at the tiny bar hidden in the back streets of Potts Point we were greeted with the worst line you could give to two thirsty ladies “I will need to put your names on the waiting list“.

So we walked 100 metres up the road to The Roosevelt and ordered a drink at the bar.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 5.41.28 pm

20 minutes later, we got the call.

If you like the rockabilly look you’ll love the bar/wait staff at Chester White. They all rock the scruffy cowboy look which certainly appeased Miss A’s appetite.

Sorry you’ll have to squish up a little on the ledge outside” A guy peppered with tattoos led us to a tight spot between a couple and some mysterious hairy guy, sitting by himself.

To be honest we were both a little disappointed. No easy access to wine or cute bartenders meant our experience would be limited. Or so we thought…

While we waited for our cheese and meats board, a group of guys approached from the right.

I pinched Miss A on the leg and fixed my hair and we gave it our best “holding a glass of wine and casually laughing” look.

Except the guys weren’t looking at us. They were looking at random mysterious guy next to me. And then one did the unthinkable and ran into a light pole.

I turned to random mysterious guy and acknowledged the incident. He just smirked through his bushy dark beard and continued drinking his glass of red.

Who does this guy think he is?

The moment was saved by the arrival of our spectacularly delicious meat board. With nine meat options there certainly  is no shortage of salami at Chester White. We picked speck and truffle salami which comes with pickled veggies, cheese, olives and a decent amount of bread for only $20.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 1.15.21 pm

Right, tell me about your trip to Berlin” Miss A said fingering an olive.

I began to tell her how beautiful Berlin was but also how there were no cute guys.

The random, mysterious guy beside me started laughing.

I turned around and gave him my best half amused, half resting bitch face look.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I am from Berlin” he said revealing his masculine German accent, hauntingly beautiful eyes and a rather charming smile.

Oh shit.

So this is where all of the hot Berliners are…at a bar in Potts Point.

An hour later we had polished off eight Negroni’s, the meat board and had the ‘Not Chesta Carbonara’ $20 being whipped up and served to us before our very eyes.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 6.49.45 pm

I was busy chatting to German guy about my recent Berlin trip and Miss A had locked eyes with one of the bartenders.

By the end of the night we had garnered an invitation to Berlin, a date for Miss A and three very full stomaches.

It is my last night in Australia” Mr German guy said alluding to a sleep over.

While there was definitely something alluring about him, I shrugged off his subtle advances and motioned for the bill. After all I was drunk and the night was young.

Miss A and I waved down a cab and went dancing for the first time in months!

That’s the thing I love about a good Sydney bar, you never know who you’re going to meet and if the cheese, wine and company is good enough you can be coerced into a full night of dancing and debauchery.


THE VERDICT: Chester White Cured Diner, 3 Orwell Street Potts Point

The Cheese Board: 9/10 We both loved everything on the plate. The ingredients were fresh and the prices were great for Potts Point standards.

The Wine: Chester White has a small yet robust wine list consisting of whites and reds from all over the world. However, after a couple of glasses of Prosecco I got hooked on the seriously delicious and addictive Negronis.

The Location: 6/10 – Finding your way out of the ally and a cab home can be a little tricky.

The Men: 8/10 – Chester White attracts a very diverse crowd so there is likely to be something to suit every girl’s tastes. Not only were the guys we met cute but they were great conversationalists. Bonus points for gents who speak more than one language.

Overall Wine, Cheese & Men Score: 8/10

Feature Image Photo Credit: Hollieradams
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