Project Birthday Soiree

Today is a good day.

The sun is shining above the skyscrapers in the city, my little brother has been caught red handed with an attractive blonde girl in his room and I’ve just commenced project birthday soiree.

Project Birthday Soiree

It’s my b-day in exactly one month (woo hoo) and it’s kind of a milestone. At this stage in my life I’ve well and truly left my teenage years behind and I’m up and running towards full blown adult life. Well, not running. I’m sort of hobbling at the moment which is a result of a high alcohol/dominos pizza diet and minimal exercise and by minimal exercise I mean walking to the 7/11 to get Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

This type of juvenile behaviour does not an adult make and therefore as of today I’m back on the wagon!

My wagon looks like a sleek paleolithic lifestyle as well as at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. I always find that my body responds better to a low carb/ high protein and fat based diet, the weight basically falls off.

Anyway there’s absolutely no use just talking about it so put on your Nike free runners, grab your polarised Ray Bans and lets go!

If you live in Sydney you’ll know that there is no better pavement to pound than the one which wraps around the East coast. The Coogee – Bondi track extends for 6km and has several staircases and steep inclines for the ultimate workout.

Did I also mention that its absolutely stunning?

Before long Ms P and I started to work up a serious sweat…


And decided to head to Tamarama Beach to cool off. According to Tamarama is where beautiful Sydneysiders hang out, earning it the nickname ‘Glamarama’.

Well I’ve never heard anyone refer to Tamarama as Glamarama before and I probably wouldn’t call the fat old hairy man who bowled me over in the surf “beautiful” but I’m sure this place sees its fair share of hot local talent…


After we soaked up the sun, it was time to get back in our exercise gear and complete the track.

Elaborate yoga poses anyone?

Tricky eh? What you don’t see here is me getting tangled up in my oversized pineapple shirt and nearly falling off the cliff to my death.
Moving on…
Once we finally finished the walk we headed over to North Bondi for a post workout Paleo smoothie at Bondi Wholefoods.

My super smoothie consisted of banana, cinnamon, coconut water, chia seed and coconut oil and Ms P got the same but with watermelon instead of banana. Yum! Super foods such as chia and coconuts are integral to project birthday soiree as they have heaps of crazy nutritional benefits and keep you fuller for longer!

On the way home we stopped at Earth to Table in Bondi Junction to grab an early dinner. Next time you feel like a big bowl of carbs, swap wheat pasta for zucchini pasta. You don’t even need to own a spiraliser (the tool used to make the zucchini look like spagetti strands) just use a carrot pealer.

Great paleo pasta recipe coming soon to the blog!

The secret to success is consistency. So we woke up early the next day and did it all over again…

A plate of sides for breakfast at Fouratefive in Surry Hills.

*side note – ordering a plate of sides usually works out cheaper than getting a dish and deducting the bread, hash browns etc.

And back on the track…

This time we completed Bondi – Coggee 10 minutes faster!
Wait, but we didn’t swim this time.
Which actually means it took us longer to complete the track second time round.

Anyway how gorgeous is the view from Icebergs Terrace Cafe!?  It took me a long time to realise that the cafe even existed but unlike the inside of Icebergs the terrace is super casual and absolutely free to get in! It’s kind of hidden away so if you get lost ask reception where it is. The view is breathtaking!

And the menu is pretty good too. A little bit on the expensive side but the coffee is incredible as is the super grain salad!

I always get stumped for salad ideas at home thats why I  like to take a photo of the menu when I’m dining out. The super grain salad is super easy to reconstruct at home and it will certainly be cheaper to make your own!

Project Birthday Soiree is going to be no easy feat especially with Easter just around the corner, however by sticking to a Paleo diet I may just make it!

Two days down 29 to go.

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