Once Upon A Time…

As I was walking to work yesterday shivering and kicking myself for thinking that a crochet dress would be warm enough (every little hole was like an invitation for the cold to come in and lurch onto my skin) I literally stopped dead in my tracks and asked myself…

How the fuck did I get through the winter last year?

I literally couldn’t remember feeling cold last winter- I only had memories of crisp morning air, velvet roses and fluffy ricotta pancakes. It then dawned on me that this time last year I was enjoying the company of two very different men. I have no doubt that it was their company that kept me warm especially during such a dramatic transition (from tropical Noosa to cold inner city Sydney life).

Then again, after looking through the pictures posted below I wonder if it could have just been an extra layer of fat that kept me from ever feeling the cold…

T’was a glorious winter, that winter of 12′


We shared ricotta pancakes doused in strawberry coulis and thickened cream.


He had tattoos and stubble and only ate meals fit for a king
Breakfast time was our time, when the mornings were crisp and the buttered toast was hot
He spoiled me with velvet, a dozen times over



But i’ll let you in on a secret- the real key to my heart is a good hearty steak!



And then came man No. 2…



He was like George of the jungle with his athletic physic, scooping me up a bunch of flowers from the forest floor and tying them together with a leaf.
He liked exotic flavours and treating me to a late night feast
But he also loved nothing more than to cook for me while sat on his balcony in his warmest jumper and watched winter pass me by.
I was one very happy girl indeed in the winter of 12′
This was the first photo I took of my room (now Queen K’s room) in the Dirthouse. I only just realised that there is a man with me here. I suppose he kept me company until the day Queen L moved in…coincidentally this man and i stopped seeing each other a week after I met Queen L.



I wonder what this winter has install for me? Until I find a new man to keep me company I always have ย my fireplace and the ladies of the Dirthouse, In fact tonight we are going out on the town. I’ll be sure to update you in the morning…from wherever I may end up ๐Ÿ˜‰
Miss P
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