Oh Batchie: The Reality of Reality TV

After dating a guy who was on a Aussie reality tv show, (come on it’s my claim to fame now let me have it) I sort of understand the perils of reality television, in particular those that are heavily influenced by producers.

Two of the girls that were on his season of My Kitchen Rules got picked purely based on the performance they gave in their audition, which didn’t have anything to do with their cooking skills, but how well their melt down looked when they set fire to an oven. 
It’s no secret that producers put a lot of pressure on the contestants to act like a raging lunatics and unfortunately if you act normal you don’t get air time.  
* And cue the irrational behaviour *
But we love it and so the cycle continues. 
That is of course unless you’re the TV show The Bachelor. I hate to say it but this season, I can almost see Stephen Tate, the executive producer feeding the poor Bachelor shit…its all shit.
It was when the girls asked Bachie what his favourite movie was and he replied ‘The Notebook’ that I switched off the TV. Sorry Stephen, I’m out.
The best thing about The Bachelor Australia is the way Mamamia writer, Rosie Waterland recounts it. Priceless.
She touches on everything from Osher (the presenter’s) hair to his Tinder account. So spot on that I still remember the time I swiped left.
Read it here:
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