New Year, New ‘Diet’ Mantra!

On January 1st all of the weekly glossy’s are released with one common theme…

Summer Detox” –Woman’s Weekly
Half Their Size” –Who Magazine
21 Day Bikini Body Plan” –Women’s Health
Real Body Revolution” –OK Magazine
And every year I pick up a few copies along with a box of pain killers and a bottle of sparkling water to ease the pain of the notorious NYE hangover. 
For the next couple of days (once I even lasted a week) I follow the bikini body meal plan in the back of the mag, with the exception of lattes, left over candy canes and the occasional alcoholic beverage which is usually a gin & tonic – totes low in calories!
And then somewhere between Friday and Sunday my determination lapses and my little glossy bibles of motivation become merely placemats for my gin & tonic induced buttered chicken feasts. 
By mid January I’m saying “Who does a detox during silly season anyway!?” with a burrito in one hand and a Corona in the other.
“I’ll start February.”
When it comes to eating well and getting back into shape like most 20 something girls I am my own worse enemy.
I see pictures of Victorias Secret models and make a green juice then when quotes like ‘You only life once‘ roll up on my Instagram feed I’m the first person to eat a whole tub of ice cream.
But this year I’ve  got something that I hadn’t previously…The paleo diet.
I don’t eat paleo because all the glossy mags are raving about it.
I don’t eat paleo because I once dated a guy who was famous for it (come on Paige that claim to fame is getting old).
I eat paleo because recently I’ve discovered that you can lose weight and feel satisfied.
I’ve been paleo for the last 9 months now with the occasional faileo (that hiatus in Paris with the bread sticks and the fromages). 
Through trial and error I’ve discovered what works:
  • Lean meats
  • Brusel sprouts cooked the tasty way
  • Clean chocolate
  • And organic bacon.

And what doesn’t:
  • Too much sweet potato (+2kg)
  • Too much quinoa (hello 7 month pregnant belly)
  • And bacon every day.

So now in 2015 the real task…
  • Sticking to a paleo diet
  • Exercising often
  • Working a full time job
  • And seeing real results.

If Jessica Beil and Megan fox can do it then so can I! If you want to join me in what I believe to be the easiest ‘diet’ on the planet well you can read up on Paleo here.
Let’s hit the new year head on together. Stay tuned for my 5 best places to eat paleo for cheap in Sydney.
Now here is some fitspiration in the form of Megan fox and Jessica Beil, bodies courtesy of Paleo and photos courtesy of Pinterest…
* drools and throws burrito on the ground *

Let’s do this!
Miss P
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