Naughty Sailors, A Head Of Hanson, Fendi (THATS FENDI) and Home Lyf: Part 1

Look I admit it, I’ve neglected you but in my defence it’s been an absolutely massive week, the week that was the 19th-26th of April. Quite a few exciting events took place including my birthday and Anzac Day, but that was only the tip of the iceberg.


Day 1: Birthday Eve @ Opium Den Potts Point

Opium Den is a little-hole-in-the wall Thai restaurant in Potts Point. This dimly lit fusion of traditional Thai with a modern twist is the perfect place for a small group. Not only does Opium Den have absolutely amazing (and cheap) food but best of all its BYO (there is a little bottle-o conveniently located four doors down). Delish!

Obviously this card that the Dirthouse Queens got me was completely irrelevant to my life.

A bit of a bathroom selfie was definitely in order after one or two wines…

After a day of running around I completely forgot to charge my SLR camera, hence the grainy images- Hopefully these ones from my Iphone will do the amazing spread of food we ordered some justice.

If you look closely you can see queen L doing what Quenn L does best and that is shoving long round objects into her gob.


I was very happy to have my closest ladies with me to celebrate…

I was even happier to receive a lovely little Fendi Bag, complements of Queen L and Queen B. In the little yellow bag was a gorgeous gold necklace with my initial embedded. Finally a Carrie Bradshaw-esque necklace that will go with all of my outfits!

Best of all was a red velvet cake made by Queen K, the finger marks on the side are to add that extra element of filth!

My very own Dirhouse Queen cake, What more could a girl want?

After dinner we got picked up and headed to a couple more places for some cheeky birthday drinks.

In fear that we were going to end up just ‘chasing the night’ I was in bed by 1am- after all I had a plane to catch the next morning and I’m an adult now. Overall dinner at Opium Den was amazing, perfect for a low key event or just some yummy food between good friends. I highly recommend it!


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