What Strong Women Want in a Lover

Working in a multi-million dollar lingerie company I was constantly surrounded by strong women. While men piled into our boutiques to purchase the product, it was the league of talented female designers, production managers and shop girls who carefully wove the customer’s fantasies and influenced every element of the buying process. So what are the personal desires of these powerful women who strut into corporate offices every day and make unrelenting decisions?

After years of working in the business of pleasure, behind the velvet change room curtain with bosses, barristers and a bevy of independent babes what they yearn for at the end of the day is not a lukewarm lover. It is a partner who once in a while can make decisions for her, someone who is as strong if not stronger. Let’s call them an “Alfa”.

In my mind the alpha male is not only someone who is strong, confident and has a witty repertoire, but is secure enough not to send a dick picture. Go on, rule out all the guys you just met on Tinder!

An Alpha doesn’t need to be reminded to text back, because he picks up the phone and calls instead, which also eradicates most of the guys in your message bank.

They are ambitious and know that a strong woman is a prize worth jousting for, an alpha is certainly not the type of guy who sits back and watches your Snapchat story unfold.

If the world was a Sex and the City episode, the “alfa-factor” is what separates the strong Mr Bigs from the sardonic Jack Bergers. Unlike Berger, the Mr Bigs of this world are not threatened or intimidated by a woman’s success, yet sees this as an asset to make him a better man.

It is by this process of elimination that we sadly discover that what strong women crave and deserve isn’t necessarily always what they acquire.

For our personal lives to thrive, it is time to settle for nothing less than the perfection we expect in our professional lives. Forget the Netflix and chill, you want an alpha that walks straight up to your front door and says I’m taking you to dinner then having you for dessert. Someone who isn’t afraid to call the shots but is also happy to sit back and offer support.

In this day and age the modern woman is more powerful than ever, making decisions that not only affect her but the masses. However, under every woman’s power suit lies delicate lace suspenders waiting to be admired by the right alpha lover.

Are you looking for a man who can handle you on top but also knows the right moment to loosen his tie and flip you around?

After many hours of scouring the internet, glass of wine in hand I have found the perfect article on how to attract an alpha man (Why The Alpha Male is the New Black) – a Big not a Berger that is.

Enjoy all my gorgeous, strong and independent women!

P xx

Miss P
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