Stop Over Thinking About Love And Carrie On

So as I was walking down Oxford Street today I had a revelation.

About Carrie Bradshaw and her infamous love life.

Carrie is famous for having a string of failed relationships. I mean the woman had 18 relationships between the seasons of one and six, thats only a decade of her adult life…who knows how many men she dated in her twenties- I’m guessing a lot.

Anyway, in Carrie’s defence dating is incredibly hard in the city. You never know who you’re going to meet and potentially fall into bed with (just joking – but seriously). I’m barely into my twenties and I can say that I have already encountered a few of the characters that were featured in SATC.

For example: The Russian

My Russian may not have been 60 years old with a snobby super chic Parisian daughter but he was born in Russia, OTT romantic and had an absolute inability to detect sarcasm (don’t get me wrong these traits aren’t exactly bad but they just weren’t for me).

But he was beautiful to look at and you can have see for yourself here

I’ve also dated countless Sam’s, let me refresh your memory…Sam’s the young, carefree twenty-something guy Carrie meets at some irrelevant dive bar.

Well you don’t have to remember the episode to know this guy because chances are you’ve already dated him. He’s the really good kisser with the really great abs but his apartment smells like damp mixed with marijuana and stepping into his bathroom is like stepping into a portaloo at a festival (at the end of the day) yeahhhhh you know, that guy.

Now lets get back to the revelation part.

Yes, Carrie may have dated a few outlandish characters in her life but amidst those 18 affairs were a few relationships that I think could have lasted a tad longer than a couple of 30 minute episodes.

I think Carrie’s problem was that she had too much time to think about her relationships. Her job wasn’t really an escape from her personal life, in fact Carrie’s job was to draw on the very intimate details of her life to inspire the incredibly honest and outrageous columns she was known for. She spent her entire days thinking about the men in her life and then finding witty ways to write “what a bastard” or “golden showers are bad”.

It’s true, Carrie Bradshaw had a bad case of over thinking. Over thinking is not only bad for you, but  it can also be detrimental to your relationships. Maybe if she spent more time dealing with shitty people working at a call centre or ushering the homeless out of Centerlink she would come home at the end of the day and be grateful for her hot, rich politician boyfriend or be too tired to question Petrovsky on his weird Russian antics.

You see when you over think things you tend to blow them out of proportion, allow a single thought to consume your mind for long enough and you become obsessed with it. Who knows, maybe if Carrie had stopped analysing every little factor of her relationships she would have tied the knot with Big seasons before it actually eventuated.

But it’s not Carrie’s fault, I believe that women have the tendency to over think things more than men and to top it off over thinking can also be a strong characteristic amongst writers, as those who dedicate their lives to creating compelling “fiction” are constantly working with raw material – their own emotions.

There is no doubt that Carrie Bradshaw’s inclination to over think about love has contributed to the dramatic highs and lows she has encountered in many if not all of her relationships. But then again if she had settled with Kurt at the very start there wouldn’t have been 17 more fantastic love stories for us and 17 valuable experiences for Carrie to learn from.

But I think that the biggest admission here is that this is not a revelation about Carrie Bradshaw at all…it is about me.

*For those of you who would like to be refreshed on Carrie’s love history click here and for those of you who would like to read about more fleeting love affairs and interesting male characters stay tuned 😉

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