MOTM – The King of Crown Street

Man of The Moment – Mr. C

A little background info:

The first time I met Mr C at our former place of work (A popular Surry Hills bar) I hated him and I’m 100% sure he wasn’t too fond of me either. Like a pair of ignorant dick heads we made assumptions about each other based on appearance and it wasn’t long before our mutual abhorrence for one another turned into a serious workplace hazard.

I initially thought that Mr C was just another self important Surry Hills hipster who considered himself to be a lot smarter, edgier and cooler than the rest of us.

He thought I was a culturally-vapid bimbo with low self-esteem and the complete inability to think for myself. I admit the revealing American apparel leotard that I used to wear with leather pants for extra tips didn’t do me any favours.

It wasn’t until one night when he was forced to supervise me in lower bar that we realised we had more in common than we thought. The love of Aussie bulldogs and sloth memes just to name a few.

Now Mr C is a good mate of mine and he is not only important to me but to the make up of Surry Hills.

Mr C is to Surry Hills what crema is to espresso. With his undeniably cool eclectic style and an almost unnerving amount of self confidence, Mr T has proved himself to be a major component in the Surry Hills social scene. Having lived smack bang in the middle of Crown Street for the past four years it’s no surprise that every homeless man and barista within a 5km radius knows who he is.

I caught up with Mr. C at Gnome Esspresso and Winebar to chat about Surry Hills, girls and that distinguished womb broom.

As I walked up from Bourke Street I spotted him straight away sitting outside the cafe talking to a pretty young girl who appeared to be sporting a very giddy grin.

I’ve never been attracted to alternative looking men however there is just something about Mr C that can make any girl weak in the knees.

What’s he got that makes him hot?

  • A degree in Economics majoring in Environmental Science
  • The ability to whisper sweet nothing to you in Spanish (the guy’s practically fluent)
  • A wicked sense of humour 
  • Can make a mean cocktail and generate exceptional over the bar banter
  • Hair that rivals Jared Leto’s famous Oscar do
Apart from the sexy Johnny Depp bartender look he’s going on I think the most attractive thing about Mr C is that he’s an epic conversationalist. He is one of those guys that you can talk to for ages and be so engaged in what he has to say that you forget to drink your beer. One minute you could be talking about modern literature and the next he’s telling you how to grow a plant out of the back of a toilet, the whole time you’re mesmerised by the arrangement of his words and the way his mo moves when he speaks. 
Now that I’ve finished dishing out the goss on him, let’s see what Mr C has to say.
Lets hear it from the boy:

What’s your favourite thing about Surry Hills?
I’ve got all my mates here. You can walk into any cafe, pub, store and have a chat with almost everyone. There’s a cool sense of community here.
What do you look for in a girl?
Common ground mostly. I don’t really have a physical type at all. I’m attracted to girls who have the same interests as me, whether it be the love of music or the desire to travel.
Best places to eat in Surry Hills?
Lucky Pickle sandwich shop! The coffee and the sandwiches are awesome and cheap. St Judes is also a top spot. 
And for a drink?
Black Penny on the corner of Bourke and Cleveland Street. The people who work there are really cool.
Do you think it’s your dazzling womb broom that gets the ladies?
Probably doesn’t hurt. You’re the lady here though. You tell me…

My verdict:


Miss P
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Reply March 12, 2014

Love your style of writing lady! Jana x

    Paige Bourke
    Reply March 13, 2014

    Thanks Jana, thats lovely. We should meet for a drink someday soon! X

Reply March 12, 2014

Nice top hey hey ;)

Reply March 13, 2014

I found out about your blog on instagram a few days ago and absolutely fell in love with it! I've been reading and re-reading all your posts! I'm graduating in one month and ever since I moved to Sydney I've always wanted to live in Surry Hills, and now that I'm finally leaving the college dorm life, I can identify with your blog so much!
Keep up the good work girl :)
Anny xx

    Paige Bourke
    Reply March 13, 2014

    That sounds exactly like me! I was living in a dorm and while its fun you quickly grow out of it. If you want to live in Surry Hills post an ad for yourself on gumtree now, starting looking at rooms and hopefully you'll connect with someone and secure yourself a little piece of Surry Hills too! It will all work out for you. Let me know how you go. Thanks for your comment. Paige x

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