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10 minutes ago I deleted all of the social media apps on my phone and since then I have been sitting on my bed staring into nowhere. Every now and then I’ll go to grab my phone but I stop myself before I can press my thumb down on that big round button and swipe myself back into the game.

Because it is a game isn’t it? For me its a test of patience and I’ll tell you now I’m not a patient person.

Let me put this whole love game thing in context for you…

If you’re waiting for a guy you like to take his turn in the game (contact you first) you’re essentially waiting for him to make his move across one of many platforms. He could:

A) Text you
B) Call you
C) Facebook you
D) Comment on one of your photos on Instagram
E) Tweet you
F) Snap Chat you
G) WhatsApp you

and as you know the alphabet continues and so does this list of possible moves.

If you’re like me and don’t like to put all of your eggs in one basket its likely that you’re currently involved in multiple games. This is where it starts to get complicated…bare with me. If you are dealing with several different players you have to be strategic about the way in which you cover your tracks. I assume that the majority of people who are reading this blog right now are fairly tech savvy…by that I mean I assume that the majority of girls who are reading this blog right now know how to stalk their love interests sufficiently. 

So, you know how to check recent activity on Instagram, you know what “best friends” means in reference to Snap Chat and by now you’ve probably already realised that the new top friends format on Facebook is complied from a mix of your relatives, best friends and the guy you stalk the most.


This is where people most commonly guys fall behind in the game. They are unable to effectively cover their tracks when playing with multiple partners. Without going too far into this…if your boyfriend’s best friend on Snap Chat is titzout4daboyz and thats not you chances are its the same girl with a private profile who’s liking all his pictures on Facey. Before you say that this is a gross generalisation and that it could just be some unbalanced female constantly sending photos of her cat to your man remember that in the world of Snap Chat it takes two to tango (one can only receive best friend status if the other reciprocates).

So ladies but mostly gentlemen out there here is a lesson for you in love games…do not underestimate your component especially if she is a female. Make sure that every move you make is swiftly executed and cover your tracks by making social media decoys.

Or you can just stop being socially slutty, delete your apps and send your loved one a letter before you risk making new best friends with a user called “yourhand01”


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