International Fleet Review 2013 – An Officer & A Dirthouse Queen

I’m sure you’re all aware that my main mission in life last week was to find a sailor during International Fleet Week and well…kiss him. I thought hey, how hard can it be with over 55 ships sailing into town carrying over 8000 sailors and one Prince Harry. Well I’ll tell you right now it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, for a few reasons…
Reason 1: I now have a job that requires me to be hidden away in a small dark box for many hours of the day.
Reason 2: After I finish this job at around 8pm I am too exhausted to even reach for the remote let alone venture out into the city and chase seamen around a bar.
Reason 3: Half of them don’t even wear their uniform out and can easily be mistaken for regular men, which can be very, very deceiving.
Anyway Queen L and I decided to give it our best shot, at least for the sake of the blog (the amount of times that I have said that before allowing myself to do crazy shit).

After we watched the fireworks we decided to head to Cargo bar. I don’t usually like going out in Darling Harbour but we figured that it’s by the sea…and it would be the best place to find seamen in their natural habitat because they like the sea don’t they? Excellent conclusion I know.

Queen L bought us a round and we proceeded to take our position…

Ready, Aim, Fire!

To be honest there weren’t many seamen out in uniform at all…at least not at the bar we went to. The poor chap below even had a lovely girlfriend who was nice enough to offer to take this picture for us.

I was about to give up and head home to my comfortable bed when suddenly I felt someone approach me from behind. This move was perfectly executed and totally uncalculated by me and my trusty confederate (Queen L) obviously it was being conducted by someone will a little more experience than your average sailor…

Hello Officer ๐Ÿ˜‰

It was a fleeting moment of passion, heightened emotions and burning desire…well for me anyway. By the looks of the picture below the poor wide-eyed officer had no idea what was coming. He walked away weak in the knees (probably not) and admitting defeat and Queen L and I high-fived each other like a couple of teenage boys.
Mission accomplished.
Miss P
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