If I Was A Rich Girl

Is it just me or does everyone have a Celine handbag, a Merc and V.I.P passes to #MBFFS these days?

I’m starting to feel like the only kid in the playground wearing Payless Shoes instead of Converse.
It’s easy to feel this way when you follow fashion bloggers like Chloe James. From what I gather from her Insta account, @_lovechloej Chloe is 23 and already has coveted an incredible apartment decked in Hermes home wares and more Cartier than I have first dates. That’s a lot of Cartier! 
Chloe James is that other glass for me? Photo via @_lovechloej
So jelly. Photo via @_lovechloej
I don’t know her story and how she can afford all of that incredible shit, but I do know that I’m becoming exceedingly jealous as I sit in my dilapidated house which I share with 50 other humans.
I’m not complaining, I do have a fabulous life and exceptional luck (one day I’m cooking baked beans in the dark because of a power outage in my shit shack and the next I’m travelling in a private helicopter around The Hunter Valley) but as a 20 something living independantly I certainly don’t have the mulla to co-ordinate my manicure with my Chanel handbag for a Friday flat lay. 
I’ve had my fair share of designer cosmetics but as some of you may know The Queens gave me my very first real designer accessory over a year ago now. My beloved Fendi necklace. Then came a Yves Saint Laurent handbag, but it wasn’t as easy as that. It was a big MASSIVE commitment, I’m talking bigger than any romantic relationship I’ve ever had (what does that say about me?) and I still look at her (the bag) like perhaps she’s imaginary, similar to many of the romantic relationships I’ve had also. Read about it here: The Happiest Idiot on Bourke Street.

And then came the Cartier ring.

At Christmas I asked Santa (my dad), for a little bit of cash to go towards a new piece of jewellery (he’s not a wealthy billionaire but a super cool surfer dad). He’s such a legend that he agreed to go halves with my mum to a certain dollar point and then depending on what I wanted I’d have to pay the rest. Basically I scavenged around for enough donations to get Cartier’s signature Love ring. Was it worth it? Hella yes!

I haven’t posted a picture yet because I haven’t found the correct lighting/ props/ filter to do it justice and let’s be honest, once you’ve posted it that’s it. What about the iconic red box from a different angle? Pho-wah no chance matey. One shot per item is the unspoken rule of Instagram, didn’t you know?
Oh and last week I went to Tiffany and Co for my boss.

So there you have it my repitor of designer goods. A fend necklace, A YSL hangbag, a Cartier ring and a single trip to Tiffany’s on behalf of my employer.
Chloe James beats me perfectly manicured hands down but how important are material things anyway?
I’ll let that wisdom marinate in your mind for a little bit while I devise a way to add a pair of Louboutins to my Wittner shoe collection.

Where did you think I got the inspiration from? Photo via @_lovechloej
I think it’s time to get a better paying job. 
P.S the Merc isn’t mine, it’s a friends. He asked me to go put more money in the meter. 

Fake it till you make it baby.  

Miss P
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alexis [amgoorie]
Reply September 24, 2014

haha oh you make me laugh hun!
Fake it till you make it is the only way! But you really need to instagram that beauty of a cartier ring! ;-)
love love xo

    Paige Bourke
    Reply September 24, 2014

    haha thank you lovely lady! Will Instagram it very soon. Much love xx

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