I Saw You At Kawa And I Think You’re Cute

Well, It’s that time again…breakfast time! After a slight delay here is the next instalment of The Surry Hills Breakfast Club

Kawa Cafe is located at 348 Crown Street, Surry Hills (across the road from The Winery, Thomas Dux and adjacent to the massive slightly haunted looking Crown Street School) Still not sure? It’s the cafe with the mismatched tables and chairs out the front, with mismatched hipsters and their pets to match or not match. Ohhhh that cafe!

Well Lady B and I decided to head to Kawa for breakfast on the eve of her 25th birthday to fuel our bodies for a day of shopping and eye brow waxing. When we arrived at Kawa all of the tables were taken (typical of this popular Surry Hills hub which is always buzzing with people). We stalked around the corner until we spotted a young couple abandoning their table and their breakfast by the looks of it…

It’s never a good sign to see barely touched plates of food but we decided that it would only be fair to make our own judgement. I’ll tell you what, Kawa’s menu is pretty impressive in terms of variety. If you’re a health nut like me you’ll love it. Kawa also caters for vegans which is a bonus.

I ordered the organic omelette served with garden salad (you get a choice of one, two or three fillings) I chose bacon and spinach which came to $15.60. Not bad, but it used to be cheaper! Because I’m trying to be a good paleo girl I asked for the omelette sans dairy…you’d be surprised how many places put loads of cream into their omelettes to give them the perfect consistency.

Lady B ordered the Vegan Big Breakfast which I’d have to say is Kawa Cafe’s signature dish at $16.50.

On the beverage side of things Kawa Cafe has an excellent selection of fresh juices. I frequently stop by on my way home from Bondi and pick up a large take away juice. It may seem a little steep at $9 but the large size is absolutely massive and I usually end up keeping what I can’t drink in the fridge for later. I love how you can also watch them make the juice so you know that they aren’t putting in any pre-made sugary shit. Delicious and nutritious.

Lady B ordered a soy mocha…which I find hilarious.

When the food came out I’ll admit that it wasn’t the most impressive looking omelette I’d ever seen in Surry Hills but it looked fresh and reasonably large.

Lady B’s big vegan breaky was vibrant in colour and had a great selection of yummy breakfast goodies – I immediately had food envy.


Look, my omelette was bland as was the side salad. I’ve actually had the omelette with the dairy before and it wasn’t much better. Inside the egg encased dish was a little bit of bacon that looked more like regular ham than crispy bacon. Lady B’s dish was slightly better with absolutely delicious, sweet pumpkin, tasty home made bean and fresh avo but the mushrooms and cold toast were mediocre at best. On the bright side we still managed to do a lot better at finishing our meals than the people before us (funny that).

Since living in Surry Hill’s I’ve been to Kawa Cafe approximately five times. Is it the food that keeps me coming back? No, not really. The food may not be the best part of the Kawa experience but the atmosphere is awesome. If you love to people watch Kawa really is the place for you. From this cluster of contrasting tables and chairs you will witness Surry Hills at its best. The wait staff here are friendly and accommodating despite the highly level of bullshit they probably have to deal with on a daily basis e.g. health freaks who ask for no dairy in their omelettes – annoying. The coffee isn’t bad but with a massive variety of drinks you’ll probably find yourself steering away from your regular order unless you’re like Lady B who needs her morning mocha to function like a normal human being.

By 11am the place clears out and it’s probably time for us to also be on our way. Thanks Kawa Cafe for providing us with another fantastic perve sesh.


After breakfast we headed to David Jones on Elizabeth Street. I couldn’t not take a photo of DJ’s breath taking Spring flower display and Lady B couldn’t not take a glimpse at the Michael Kors eye wear range.

From there we crossed over into Myer so that Lady B could get her brows done and have a quick sniff through the perfume department.



Benefit Brow Bar is a great place to go to maintain the perfect arch. They are now in over 12 Myer stores across Australia. You don’t need an appointment, you just rock up and put your name down. And depending on the day there is little to no wait.

After Lady B has the absolute shit waxed out of her face we decided to sooth the burn with a little lingerie shopping…lucky TM 😉

As a momento for a fun day of shopping we got snapped in the Dior photo booth…and took home a sample of Dior’s newest fragrance “Dior Addict”. It was as sweet and indulgent as our girls day out, its  always a pleasure hanging out with you Lady B xx

Photos up on the blog soon from Lady B’s Birthday 😉 oh wasn’t that a wild one.

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