Dream Come True – Monday’s Cancelled!

Just as I was about to get up and thrust myself into another day of university look what popped into my inbox…

Can anyone say winning? WINNING!

Isn’t this everyone’s dream to have their Monday cancelled? Well its definitely mine. Off with the boots, on with the kettle and helloooo lovers…lets kick off the week with a new blog post!

Hey Mum

Mum arrived mid last week and she couldn’t have come at a better time. Not only has the weather been perfect here in Sydney but I was in serious need of a bit of motherly love. Most of her stay we spent between Surry Hills and the Eastern Suburbs. I took her to my favourite cafes and she filled me in on all the Noosa goss. We kicked of the weekend with some tea and coffee at The strikingly beautiful and ornate French House on Danks Street. The atmosphere is always amazing here and mum couldn’t get enough of the group of dashing French business men sitting behind us. Welcome to the city mumma.

This is where we stayed – The Swiss Grand Resort & Spa Bondi Beach! Even though from the picture below it could have been mistaken for a hotel called “Pacific” “The Penthouses” or “Lighthouses Pacific”. Hmm well thats misguiding…

This “Pacific” charade continued into the lobby with massive banners everywhere but it didn’t phase us, after we checked in we were officially on holiday! Woo Hoo

The view from our room on the top floor was breath taking, just in time to see the sunset over beautiful Bondi Beach!

We decided to explore the building which I must admit was very outdated in style and when we ventured outside there was a great party set up with no one to be seen. 

Below is just a photo of me getting amongst it…you know how it is.

But we weren’t completely alone…

Surely there would be a few people lazing around by the pool. If only we could get to it through this tiny peep hole…

Pretty much everything at this hotel was blocked off or hidden away behind tall white walls but it didn’t stop mum who was determined to get her moneys worth.

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And she got her moneys worth alright…the woman found the front door to the penthouse, the only room that had already been completely renovated and refurnished.

After we were escorted back to our room by security (only joking) I found this leaflet on the very far corner of the bed. Things just weren’t fitting together so I did what I always do when I don’t know what to do and called Bill. Bill being a kind of Bondi veteran informed me that in merely a couple of week the Grand Swiss Hotel would be demolished and replaced by swanky, over priced apartments and renamed Pacific Bondi Beach. Duh.

Initially I was kind of sad that this landmark building was not only going to be revamped but completely demolished, after all these semi-hideous balustrades had become part of Bondi’s iconic landscape. After much consideration I decided to feel privileged instead of sad, after all I could be one of the last people to stay in this original building and experience such an amazing sunset from this particular spot.

Adjacent to our hotel is a great little chain restaurant called Misschu, I’m a regular here but this was mums first time. We ordered a delicious selection of steamed dumplings, fish of the day on a bed of red rice and quinoa, my favourite the spicy chilli chicken and a couple of glasses of red to wash it all down. 
After an amazing (and cheap) dinner we decided to call it a night before thing got too blurry…
The next thing I know I was in my super comfy robe listening to the calming sounds of the sea and ordering room service for dessert…naughty ๐Ÿ˜‰

We woke up the next morning at 5:50am to a spectacular sunrise…

If you ever get the chance to stay in Bondi you have to witness at least one sunrise. I know it may sound a tad ruthless and slightly insane getting up at around 5:30am but boy oh boy is it worth it, it gives you a fresh perspective on what it means to be apart of a brand new day.

I took mum on my beloved Bondi to Coogee Costal walk and back…and finally she got to experience what all the hype was about!

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A quick stop by Bondi Icebergs…

And a quick trip to the Bondi Farmers Markets…

We couldn’t go to the Bondi Beach markets (every Saturday for fresh produce and yummy healthy treats and every Sunday for your usual nicknacks) without stopping by the Spring Wellness stall. The bliss balls here are insanely delicious and 100% natural!

On the way back to Surry Hills we stopped by my favourite healthy food store ‘About Life’ on Oxford Street – Bondi Junction for my latest addiction…vegan avo, cacao and chia chocolate mousses.

But mum couldn’t help herself once we arrived at Bourke Street…

She was by far the happiest person in Surry Hills as soon as she got her hands on that little buttery rhubarb tart (check out the couple sitting by the window, ha!)

Now thats a real treat!

I loved staying in Bondi but I was excited to get mum back to my little part of the world. We people watched from Kawa, ate Messina in the park and wondered up and down Bourke Street until our feet felt like they were about to fall off.

Mum being down was a fabulous escape from reality and I enjoyed every moment with her, looks like its my turn next to travel up to Noosa next…oh what a terrible life I lead ๐Ÿ˜‰

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