The Soho Breakfast Club, London!

I could have kissed the ground the moment I arrived at Heathrow after 25 hours in transit. Instead I put all the trauma (accidentally walking into the mens toilets in Dubai) and turbulence behind me and hailed a black cab. 
“Soho, Please.” I said rustling around in my bag for my mobile phone which lay dormant in a crevice between some nasal spray and a half eaten pack of gum. 
Connecting to international roaming after a day of being offline was pure bliss. Determined not to get distracted by social media, I quickly scrolled through my inbox of unread messages. I felt a small wave of relief when I saw two messages from Hannah, one of my university friends that I would be staying with in London. The truth is that going to Europe for the entirety of my annual leave was a highly impromptu act, yet after all the mayhem with the Dirthouse I felt relived to flee Sydney even just for a little bit. Let’s go to Paris for 3 weeks? Why the hell not!

Hannah’s first message followed by the second:

Welcome to London lady! Meet me at the Breakfast Club – 33 D’Arblay Street x
Ha! Not a…
There’s good coffee and bacon…
That’s it i’m in.  

After dropping my bags off at the apartment and changing into something comfortable yet commendable I headed in the direction of D’Arblay Street.
Despite being the centre of London, Soho on a Sunday morning was quiet, lazy and not at all what I remembered from my last trip. I suppose last time I was in the UK I hadn’t strayed far off the tourist track which explained the heaving crowds. 
I strolled down several streets, clutching google maps firmly in my hand. Everything appeared closed or abandoned, that was until I spotted the line and the bright yellow sign.
You don’t have to be a Londoner to know that the place with the mammoth line is the place you want to go for a great bite to eat. Although a lot of the locals seemed happy biding their time in the queue, I was smart enough to know that the cool Autumn temps were not kind to hungry travellers. 

Lucky for me Hannah had already scored us a table. It was only a matter of moments before she dragged me inside and after plenty of hugging and gushing, handed me a large cup of coffee.

and it’s wasn’t even bad…

I’m sorry to the lovely Brits who read HOB but I must admit I’ve heard nasty rumours about your British brand of sustenance.

The good news is that The Breakfast Club, Soho proved myself and all those Aussie naysayers wrong!
In fact, the coffee here is simply heavenly…

With my Surry Hills Breakfast Club reviews I always aim to include variety in the meals we choose, so that you my hungry darling can have a little taste of everything on the menu. Han had already set her sights on the big All American and for home-style fried potatoes, fluffy poached eggs, crispy sausage, buttery pancakes and streaky bacon with maple syrup I had to break the rules and get it too!

Nom, nom, nom…

So it may have not been a traditional English meal but this crispy bacon was exactly what I needed after a day of horrific plane food.

The interior ain’t as flash as you may expect but with a mish mash of 80’s memorabilia, catchy pop tunes playing on the stereo and friendly waitstaff who despite the hungry hordes outside don’t mind stopping and chatting to you about their really cool Australian sister in law, The Breakfast Club makes you feel like you’re right at home. The perfect cure for jet lag and hangovers alike (come on what else was I meant to do alone on a long haul flight?)
HOB tip: the wifi password is ‘shebangs’ 

Like the Ricky Martin song…
You’ve got it!
Oh London, I think you and I are going to get a long just fine.
Miss P
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