Sunday Musing in Montparnasse

Day dreamers rejoice, located on the trendy left bank of the Seine it is everything you imagine Paris to be. Follow me through the streets of Montparnasse.

Come brunch with me: The best breakfast + best value for your Euros…Lili et Riton or ‘Lili’s’

We got: Le pleine forme 14,50 Euro

What I read: Cafe, creme, chocolat chaud ou the + Tartine beurree et confiture + Croissant + Orange pressee + (Eufs au plat bacon + Fromage blanc au miel.

What I understood: Cafe = coffee, chocolat = chocolate, Tartine beurree et confiture = no idea, croissant = yes! Orange = orange juice? + Eufs au plat bacon = BACON.

That will do me, yes please!

One espresso to go se il vous plait.

Ooh caffeine!

Livraisons a Domicile

When was the last time you had a punnet of blackberries for less than $3? or a mandarine with the stalk still attached. My inner Paleo goddess was beaming when we found this little fruit vendor.

I was even more thrilled when we stumbled across the Luxembourg Gardens completely by accident.

It was the perfect backdrop for a Sunday selfie.

Look at me the Statue of Mandi…

(Mandi as in mandarine and it’s funny because of the Statue of Liberty in the background you see you see!)

It was the perfect impromptu Sunday in Paris. Now back to sleep 😉
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