Notting Hill

My visit to Notting Hill is best described by the lovely little novel ‘Portobello Road’ by Julian Mash.

“They spill out of Notting Hill Gate Tube from early on Saturday morning.”

“Emerging blinking into the daylight…”
“…whatever corner of the globe they may have come from, one common goal unites them.”

“They are here to find the blue door, and the bookshop from Richard Curtis’s 1999 film Notting Hill.

If successful, find themselves outside 13-15 Blenheim Crescent where…”

…one dim witted Australian girl asks the age old question: Do you think Huge Grant is in there somewhere?

Unfortunately he was no where to be seen, I thought perhaps he might be at another bookstore, in the classic literature section reading Pride and Prejudice with Mr Darcy.

Your mind can’t help but run wild in Notting Hill. It’s something about the stunning architecture, the cobblestone streets and the high end boutiques mixed with pricey tourist eateries.

As the wind picked up and swept through the Portobello Markets we all took it as the perfect reason to escape from the cold to the pub where I stayed all afternoon.

How very English of me.

Portobello Road by Julian Mash is available at all good bookstores.
The Notting Hill Bookshop was only inspiration for the 1992 film and not exactly as seen in the movie.
The whereabouts of Huge Grant still remains unknown, if you spot him let me know immediately.

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