London Diary: Life Goes Full Circle

For me there’s nothing quite as nerve-racking than staring down the belly of a long haul flight, but after a mini bottle of vodka and a few deep lunges at the departure gate I filed onto the A380 with a bag of mags and my sights set on thing and one thing only, London.

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One baby wipe shower, several disco naps and 27 hours later I found myself in the back of an classic black cab winding through the streets of London’s West End. As we slowly pulled up outside the Marylebone Hotelย I had an overwhelming sense that I had been here before.


And as I stepped into the foyer of the gorgeous boutique hotel, it all flooded back to me.

Holy shit! I thought.

I had stayed here almost ten years ago as a wide eyed teenager on my first trip to London with my mum. I remember being in awe at how beautiful and charming this this suburb was.

Well I’ll be damned” I said to the man at reception, hyper aware of how bad I probably looked and smelt.

But despite my outward appearance I had come so far since first time I stepped through these doors.

All expenses have been paid for Miss, here is your room key and please enjoy your business stay at the Marylebone Hotel…

“And I hope you find some time for yourself as well.” He smiled before motioning at the bellboy.

Finding time for myself? That shouldn’t be too hard…

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With a day to kill before my meetings began I decided to hit the streets of Soho in search of a cure for jet lag.

While my mind said salad my body said “RED VELVET CAKE!”


And so I ate and ate and ate.


Once I had devoured the entire slab of cake and two coffees, it was time to walk around aimlessly and see all of the London-y things!

It could have been the smile from the handsome chap coming out of the Tube station or the fact that I stumbled across Piccadilly Circus but all of a sudden I felt like confident Bridget Jones in the original film as she walks through the streets of London with not a single fuck to be given.

Hello world!


Admittedly too afraid to catch any form of public transport I Google Mapped my back to the hotel, only getting trampled on twice for walking on the wrong side of the footpath.


Once back at the hotel I collapsed into a heap on my bed, still coming to terms that I had unknowingly made it back here again. With over fifteen meetings already set up for the six days that I would be in London town, I knew this was going to be an entirely different experience.

As night fell I forced myself to get dressed up for my first dinner in the city, but failed miserably…

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I decided to make the call to stay in with a glass of champagne and a bottle of fake tan. I figured that no one on Bond Street would take a pale Aussie seriously, but as I reflect back I think that might have been the jet lag talking…


Time for bed.

Despite a crappy nights sleep, as my alarm rang out at 5:30am I was up and ready…

Rise and shine, it’s business time baby!

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The first day of being a career girl in London would bring with it some very interesting learnings, but maybe the most interesting was pertaining to ‘The Gentleman’, a rare creature that has been declared extinct by many women inย Sydney.

But that’s a story for another time.

Big love from gorgeous London,

P x

Miss P
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