Berlin Bound

The universe works in mysterious ways. At the beginning of last year my housemates told me that they wanted to quit their jobs and go on a trip of a lifetime around Europe.

With my heels planted firmly on the ground in Sydney and having just landed my first full time job, I wished them bon voyage as they set off on their adventure.

That set off a spooky karmic energy, where the stars aligned and baby jesus decided I too would travel around the world in my own way.

Now 12 months later I have visited 7 spectacular cities. London, Paris, Italy, Fiji, Los Angeles, New York City, Mexico and just as I arrived back plagued with a Mexican shitting parasite I have be asked to go AGAIN!

This time to Berlin for work…next week!!

“What kind of business are you in!?” my 80 year old granddad asked incriminatingly.

“The ladies underwear business Papa”

Long story short the company I work for is known for it’s lavish team incentives. Last year it was a pair of Loubtouins a day and every so often they giveaway a glamourous international trip.

Berlin was the perfect destination to compliment the theme of our latest Latex range and I was the lucky one who was picked to accompany the winners.

I can’t say that Berlin is a city I know very much about. I’m more of a quaint café and cobbled streets kind of girl.

Nonetheless the definition of insanity is turning down a free trip to Europe in your twenties.

So here I go preparing for my fifth long haul flight in a year. May the aisle seat gods be with me.

Guten tag for now!

Miss P x

Miss P
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