10 Things I Have Learnt in London…

My time in London concludes at a Starbucks on Brompton Road. I ask for a long black and receive a confused look from the cashier, a cute barista takes over and asks me what it is that I’m after exactly. I explain that its coffee but without the milk, he smiles and presses a paper cup against a machine and then gives me what they refer to as just ‘black coffee’ for free despite trying to give him a five pound note.
“Same, same but different.” he says smiling then resuming his busy barista duties. 
After connecting to the free wifi and scoring a seat overlooking the amazing Harrods building I start to ponder the 10 main things that I have learnt during my time in London. 

10 Things I Have Learnt in London…

1. For those of you who are looking to travel to London or even thinking about moving here London is a very, very expensive place to live. For example, a coffee at popular café chain Costa (similar to Gloria Jeans) costs 2.45 pound, sure $2.45 ain’t bad for your morning soy cap but when you’re hit with an exchange rate of 1.8 you’re actually forking out $4.43 Australian dollars, that’s almost double! All I’m saying is that if I’m paying a small fortune for a latte the cute English barista better come with it. 

2. Everything is expensive except for alcohol. Not only is it cheaper than in Australia, it’s even more accessible as well. There’s no need to waste time hunting down an open bottle
shop on a Friday night, just kill two birds with one stone and pick up a few bottles of tequila next time you’re rushing into
the supermarket to buy party food. Only have a crumpled twenty in your
wallet? no sweat this will get you enough booze to intoxicate an entire university. 
3. Londoners think that all Australians love avocado and poached eggs for breakfastunlike the ‘all Aussies ride kangaroos’ myth this generalisation is pretty spot on. Show me the avo!
4.  Shopping in London is a million times better.
Last Autumn in Australia I set myself a mission to buy the perfect leather jacket. I
was willing to fork out a small fortune to get something that was the perfect
fit and a good investment. To my inner fashionistas dismay I spent nearly the
entire season looking for something, anything! By the time I found one Winter
was almost over. On my first day in London I walked into at least five stores with
countless styles of  leathers, the next
one more amazing than the last. I know where I’ll be shopping come next pay
check…online! All Saints you’re my favourite for leather jackets, please come to Australia!

5.   On a Saturday night in Soho
you’ll find more men then the entire male population of Sydney. Dear Sydney, please pick up your game ASAP! x

6.  Autumn in London is like Winter in Australia but colder! How is it possible that one day I’ll step out
covered in every piece of clothing in my suitcase and the lad sitting next to
me on the tube is wearing nothing but a football jersey?
7.   Keep to the right, KEEP TO THE
. If you’re brave enough to catch the Tube (London’s main form of transport around the city) there’s only one way or the highway. When standing on all escalators you must keep to the right unless you want to be trampled on by commuters. 
8. You okay? You alrigh’? My fellow Australian shopper, the sales person isn’t asking you if you are okay because look sick or tired or poor, “You okay?” or “You alrigh’?” are common English greetings, the same as “Hi, how are you today?” Don’t worry, their motive as sales people are still the same as ours, they all mean I hope you buy lots of shit so I can smash my budget and go to the pub. 

9. The pub is the best place in the world. See number 3 for one of the many reasons why. Come on who doesn’t dream of drinking a beer the size of their face?

10. Although the temperature can drop to below freezing, ever since the first time I visited London there has been something about this city that sets my heart on fire. The buildings, the shopping, the big red buses and the opportunity to do or be anything. There’s plenty of reasons why you’ll find so many Aussies working hard to live in this unbelievable city. 
Although my time here is up I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll be back someday…maybe even to live, provided I know where I stand with the locals on the elevators. 
Oh I almost forgot, maybe the best thing about London is it’s strikingly close proximity to Europe. 
Paris – I’m looking at you!
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