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*Please keep in mind this post occurred before the creation of Paleo Prestige (although I kinda wish it didn’t) after a week of clean eating I’m almost tempted to deep fry my hand and eat it. 
On that note…
I first came across Crown Street Fish Shop on my daily commute to work. Located where Rainford Street Social used to be at first I thought there was something fishy about this pop-up take away joint. 
It’s not like your conventional fish and chip shop, it’s well, kinda…chic.
The words ‘chic new fish shop’ were enough to pull the Queens away from their prior dinner arrangements to check out what all the commotion was about. Ms B and Ms L came straight from the Zimmerman sale, Ms P was dropped off my a handsome new character and I strolled up from Bourke Street to meet my ladies.
Scattered across the table we found two different menus. The main menu…

And the specials…

Compared to your typical fish & chip shop the menu is impressive and ultra-modern (Quinoa salad/Lobster Mac N’ Cheese) as is the fit out. The eclectic decor gives this restaurant a cool beach side touch and an open kitchen allows for ultimate transparency so that you really work up that appetite. Feeling hungry? The only similarity between Crown St Fish Shop and your corner take away joint is that you still have to order at the bar.

I ordered the Grilled Salmon special w/ chips and salad $26. Salmon – amazing! Chips – delish! Salad – what salad? Lets divert for a second and have a little chat about salad. I’m a health conscious gen y female, I think I know what constitutes a salad. Should a handful of rocket be considered a salad? Ah no. I would probably call that a hand full of rocket or a side of leaves. However, overall this was a pretty tasty meal!

Ms B ordered the classic Fisherman’s basket $24. Since we started The Surry Hills Breakfast Club she has become increasingly judgemental of her food. As you should be when you’re fishing out 24 bucks for a plate of deep fried fish. The verdict? Delicious! And generous…I had to finish it for her  (the meal is bigger than it appears in the picture below).
As you can see from the above photo Ms P was starting to get very hungry by this time, so lucky for me just as she was about to take a fistful of my chips her selection of sides arrived. Ms P ordered the Popcorn Shrimp $14, the potato scallops $2.50 each and the coleslaw $5. The outcome? Tick, tick, tick and a sudden burst of intergestion. 

I love this twist on popcorn or popcorn chicken! Perfect with a slice of fresh lime.

Last but not least Ms L’s dinner. As always she went for the burger, this was the wagu cheese burger that didn’t come with fries? Ok so it’s only $10 but I to be honest I could have gotten better at Maccas for $5 with fries and a heart attack absolutely free.

“So I got the dud meal” Ms L said not looking too satisfied as she took a bite of her burger which she later noted was stale and dry.

Well I guess we are at a fish & chip shop – but really how hard can a burger be to get right?

Overall our meal was great but I think the best thing about Crown Street Fish Shop is the relaxed social vibe. Being perched on the busy side walk of Crown St means that you’re more than likely to spot your mates which is really what dining out in Surry Hills is all about – socialising while you eat!
We were all stuffed after our meals but for those of you with a sweet tooth, you need to try the deep fried mars bars – I’ve heard they’re the shit. Look, there are a couple of “paleo friendly” meals however, 80% of what Crown St Fish Shop has is deep fried. You’re probably better off going on your cheat day unless you want to have serious food envy. 
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