Bon Voyage

Ahoy there all you cocky captains and saucy sailors grab your most impractical leather skirt and hop aboard this not-too-shabby vessel!
Obviously I was the only one who got the “wear most impractical leather skirt” memo.


T’was a sight for sore eyes- Lucky we had our Ray-Bans on.
In a place as gorgeous as this its important you share the love…
ย Lying flat on my back as we sped underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge was like making love to the largest, strongest most consuming man in the world. This bridge is undoubtedly the love of my life.
She is also the love of my life
Crazy hair, crazy adventure…It was a hard day full of pirates and stylish yet restricting apparel but we somehow battled the elements, especially that hot australian sun and all had a great time. The best part was when we arrived at Darling Harbour, we gathered quite an audience. They definitely got a show as my ex-boss attempted to jump from the boat to the jetty and fell in the murky water wearing his pants and button up shirt. Lucky he came away relatively unscathed apart from a burnt forehead and a very sore leg. I’ll definitely be hitting up the harbour again- especially with this crew. Xx
Miss P
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