Birthday Weekend Part Three – Food For Thought

To confirm that the girl pictured both above and below who passed out at 11pm with four helium balloons tied to her ear and her bottom showing through the mesh in her party dress is me would be both social and professional suicide.
I can however confirm that this soiree was no stroll in Hyde Park. While the weak (or just incredibly sleep deprived) hit the hay relatively early in the night, the party continued into the marble bathroom where it met its glamourous climax.

Did you know that Colgate toothbrushes are the next big thing in bathroom selfies?


After all the guests left Ms P decided to orchestrate the rest of the evening, which involved nothing but deep fried food…

I wish the Dirthouse had an in-house chef who prepared burgers and chips at 4 am. Sigh first world problems.

The next morning I awoke to a semi deflated balloon bouncing on my forehead and three girls sprawled out beside me. Surprisingly I felt great. This I later found out was due to the fact that I had left the party early for 10 hours of deep sleep on the most comfortable bed I’ve ever had the pleasure of passing out on. While the rest of the girls continued to sleep I decided to order a morning coffee and run myself a bath.



More on our new business venture ‘Paleo Prestige’ later 😉

At around 11am we all decided to crawl out of the hotel room in search of breakfast.

‘Will you ladies be joining us for continental breakfast or hot breakfast this morning?’ asked the maitre d’

We all gave her a look that quite clearly said continental is not an option, in fact we’ll eat you before we choose fruit over bacon.

Round one:

Round 2:

Round 3 ended in a brawl with a woman who stole my baked beans on toast…


Only joking, I found this note on the ground. I must say I really liked how seriously they took their breakfast.
With the executive suites at the Shangri-La you get the option of late check out. I made my check out as late as possible. In fact I was contemplating never leaving. I found a perfect spot on the window sill and wrote this post as effortlessly as the ferries slip in and out of Circular Quay.
While my little birthday soiree was amazing the best thing about this weekend was staying in such close proximity to the harbour. It reminded me of how many birthdays I begged my parents to stay in the city as a little girl.
Listen at how attached I am to this suite already, I better just buy the damn thing. There is just one small, small problem. I have no money.
That awkward moment when you don’t know how you are going to become successful but you know you have to because you’ve just had your coming of age birthday and its back to work on Monday.
Challenge accepted. Time to take this career thing by the balls!
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