The Sixth Day of Christmas – Remote Control Toys for Big Boys

Now now ladies its not always about us.

Ok, so its mostly always about us but because its Christmas we have to make at least a little something about them. 

And by them I mean men. 
So what are you going to get your man for Chirstmas this year? 
A T-shirt – Blah
A watch – Mmm
A video game – Nooo
What do all of the above have in common? 
A: They all have absolutely nothing to do with you. 
So why not hit two birds with one stone this Christmas and get him something that you can both really enjoy. Obviously you have to disguise it as a gift just for him but I assure you after he finds out what it is and how to use it he will be following you around like a stray dog…(well as long as you’re within a 12 metre radius *hint hint).

One the 6th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

Tiani 2 – The Ultimate Remote Control Couples Toy

Since the first time he set eyes on that shinny miniature car tucked away under the Christmas tree, your man like every other guy on this planet has had a thing for toys especially those of the remote control variety. 

What you need to know about Tiani 2:

In regards to the highly informative video above – I appreciate Lily Hush’s soothing sensuous voice, I do but I also feel like the vid over complicates the device.

All you really need to do is wear Tiani 2 under your favourite lingerie and hand him the remote. Subtle hints as to how he might use it may be appreciated however for maximum excitement let him figure out how the sensory functions work – after all they love a good challenge.

The Tiani 2 is perfect for:

  • Adventurous couples play
  • Worn during sex to stimulate both partners
  • Foreplay fun
  • Lazy girl solo play
There are literally soooooo many uses for this super sleek Lelo toy and thats what makes it the most tantalising couples gadget on the market right now. Not only is it great to wear during sex but it is perfect to take with you on a cheeky night out on the town.
Picture this:
You’re out at a wine bar secretly wearing the super discreet vibrator under your sexy cocktail dress. He has the remote control hidden in the side pocket of his suit jacket and at any given moment he can ruffle his jacket and set off the delicate massager between your legs. The more he moves the more intense the vibrations. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. As he orders a round of drinks at the bar he can watch you squirm in your seat as he is still able to control the device up to 12 meters away. The best part is that he can feel exactly what you feel through the remote, which turns him on even more than the thought of you getting off in a completely public place. Sold? Yep.
Approximately AUS $199 with a 12 month warranty and 5 year guarantee, comes with two detachable heads.
Tiani 2 is the perfect Christmas gift for:
  • The tech obsessed boyfriend
  • The control freak boyfriend
  • Any normal-has-a-penis type boyfriend who played with remote control cars as a kid
Ok so now thats him sorted back to you.
On the 7th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…
Miss P
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