The Perils of Being Not Fat, Not Skinny but Average…

I always load up on glossy magazines at the airport. This time it was Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar on my flight back to Sydney. As I settled in for some easy reading a lifestyle article in Cosmo caught my eye.
10 Struggles of Being Not Fat (but not skinny either) by Samantha Matt.
I found it so relatable that I wanted to share it with the girl next to me but for obvious reasons I kept it to myself, smiling throughout the entire article.
You see we’re always talking about the ‘Overweight Girl’ and the ‘Skinny Girl’ but no one ever says much about the ‘Average Sized Girl’ who can spend her life trying to identify with either-or.
Take yours truly for example. At 168 cm tall and 63…ok 65kg I’m not fat but I’m not skinny either. On a good day I’m a size 10 and on a normal day I’m a size 12. My mother likes to buy me size 14 knickers for Christmas “Because they’re comfortable.”
By definition I’m average size and while that sounds all good and well, I still have hang ups about my body like any girl.
10 Struggles of an Average Sized Girl
  1. You don’t think you’re fat but you don’t think you’re skinny either.
  2. There are some parts of your body you LOVE and others not so much (thighs argggg).
  3. You attempt to diet but are never 100% committed…
  4. Your thought process fluctuates between ‘I’m ok with my body‘ and ‘I just want to lose a little bit more
  5. 3kgs can make or break an Average Sized Girl. 3kgs lost and you’re jumping into your favourite body con, 3 kgs gained and you feel like Lena Dunham in that scene with the mesh shirt and cocaine.
  6. You wonder if the guy/girl you like thinks you’re more on the fat side or the skinny side.
  7. You’re sceptical when you’re friend says that you’ve lost weight. Is she just being nice or have I really lost weight because I’ve been too busy to go food shopping?
  8. You love your food and are never too busy to go food shopping
  9. Getting enough sleep usually takes priority over waking up at 6 am and working out to a fitness DVD.
  10. But when it comes to photographs you’re more skinny than fat…provided you get the right angle!
Regardless of what dress size you are, I am a huge advocate of body positivity for all women, and have seen a lot of naked women of all shapes and sizes!
I’m talking about the year I spent in change rooms helping ladies find the perfect lingerie set to make them feel sexy and empowered. Because after all that’s the end game right? Feeling good in the skin you’re in.
And to all the size average ladies like me out there –
You don’t have to worry about what he thinks of your body…
Google ‘Average size’ and you’ll see hundreds of thousands of pages about…penis size!
That’s a blog post for another day 😉
Miss P x
Miss P
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Reply January 6, 2017

This blog post was published a very long time ago, but I came across it today and I just wanted to say that it's nice to see my issues with self-image be expressed by someone else. I'm 5'9", wear a UK 10 (sometimes 12 because hips and thighs), and I've been struggling with not exactly being "skinny" but also understanding that I'm not fat since I was twelve. No matter how many people tell me I look "fine", "healthy" etc., my self-esteem still fluctuates and, it's true, you can't help but think "...if only I could lose *this* much off of my hips...then I'd be set." I guess it's about learning to love yourself and accept your body. xx

    Miss P
    Reply January 8, 2017

    Hi lovely Ryanna,
    Thank you for taking the time to write your fabulous comment! By the measurements you have given, it sounds to me like you're a gorgeous lean lady. Certainly on the skinny side of things - not that it means anything! At the time of posting this I was around same as you albeit slightly shorter. Since then I have put on roughly 3-5kgs (They call it the Heathrow injection) and I feel okay about it. I wish I knew the solution to our body woes, instead, I find comfort in the fact that many women the world over feel this way too. We all share the same champagne problem! Well..Maybe it's time to put down the bubbly and enjoy the rosé. Life is a beautiful place!

    Thank you again for reading Ryanna and have a fabulous week!

    Paige xx

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