Tampons, Tuna & The Cute Courier: 5 Tips for the Career Girl

Let’s face it, having a real career is nothing like The Devil Wears Prada, many of us don’t even wake up looking as good as the “ugly” Anne Hathaway pre makeover. Hailing a taxi to work in six inch heels…yeah right! More like experiencing the worst chaffing of your life as you run for the bus in 30 degree heat. And then after you finally make it to work (which is a major achievement in itself) You’re meant to kick some goals and make your company a ton of money. It’s not easy being a career girl but here are five life hacks I’ve learnt from working in the sexy corporate world.

Have 5- 10 great dresses on rotation. The words “on rotation” are a fashionista’s nightmare but I’m a practical bitch who doesn’t always have time in the morning to style a chic seventy piece ensemble. Having five to ten sophisticated, structured dresses on rotation will save your ass in a fast paced job. All you have to do is wake up, shower, slip on a dress and go.

The best sassy corporate dresses: Cue, Sheike and Saba.

Tip: Black is best because if for some reason you meet the man of your dreams on the bus and haven’t been home for a week, it doesn’t look like you’ve been wearing the same dress over and over again.

A Task List or to do list. When I first started my role as an executive assistant I was hands down the most unorganised person you’ve ever met. I would write the CEO’s requests down on random pieces of paper and then lose them. Getting rid of my note book and buying a to do list from Kikki-K was the best thing I ever did to manage my daily tasks. The list format stops you from writing all over the place and you get a great sense of satisfaction when you’ve ticked everything off.


A secret stash. Utilise your top drawer space, like you would your top drawer at home (I bet all of your vibrators are charged and ready to go). In case of a little emergency at work you will want to have the following in your top drawer: tampons, bandaids, nuts (when you’re too busy to eat lunch between meetings or a cruel coworker offers you lollies), pain killers.

Tip: If you want to really bond with your female colleagues keep extra tampons in your drawer. There will come a time when someone in a higher role, maybe even your boss will email you or discreetly tap you on the shoulder and ask you if you have one, savour this moment of vulnerability.

A little black book. For all of you tech savvy kittens, a virtual place to keep all of your most important info is probably more practical and safe but nothing beats having little black book within reach because it’s so Devil Wears Prada. I take my little black Balmain book with me everywhere. It contains everything from wifi codes to frequent flyer numbers. If anyone needs something in the office chances are they’ll find it in my little black book along with the number of every cute courier guy in Sydney. Just kidding…but seriously.

Do not eat tuna inside the office. Okay so this is more a warning than a tip. I repeat DO NOT eat tuna inside the office. Don’t get me wrong I love the stuff but the worst thing you can do is crack open a tin of John West and let it waft around the office. People will start to talk about you in the kitchen and you will forever be know as the tuna girl. That is unless everyone else is eating tuna at the desk and in that case I say, go for it…get fishy!

For everyone starting a new job in 2016: Be confident, don’t sleep with anyone you shouldn’t and take everything in your stride.

You’ve got this!

P x

Miss P
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