Smells Like Teen Heart Throb

It was the Summer of 2005 and I’d somehow managed to sneak over a brawny touch footy player two grades above me. He was incredibly alluring for a 16 year old boy with tanned skin, blue eyes and muscles as mighty as the padded bra hidden underneath my Supre tee.

Above all things he had the moves and by moves I mean he knew how to say the right things over msn chat and even how to compliment my mother on her packet made tea cake.He was also the first boy I’d discovered in Noosa that wore more than just the scent of salt water and zinc cream. Somehow, somewhere he’d gotten his hands on some cologne which had this bewildering, memorising effect on me to say the least.

I distinctly remember him sitting there, opposite me, leaning down to wrestle with my dog, Gidget who seemed equally besotted at his feet. With every full rotation of the free standing fan, his masculine scent would blow over to me.
After that we went steady for about a week then when teenage angst got the best of us we broke up outside the canteen. I made a point of asking him one last thing outside the tuckshop before I removed him from my Myspace top 3…
“What aftershave do you wear anyway?” – me
“Armani Aqua De Gio.” And the rest is history.

It’s incredible how powerful a scent can be! Now whenever I catch a whiff of someone wearing Aqua De Gio in the street I secretly go weak in the knees.Now let’s cut the merde. If you’re a kitten for man smell like me you MUST get yours mitts on a Oceanique Classic Soy Candle by Circa Home.It’s my latest discovery. Not only is it soy and natural and boudoir friendly but it’s cheap! Move over Glass House you can get one of these babies for only $29.95.

Put it on your Sunday shopping list along with your fresh flowers and Elle magazine.


If you don’t believe that it smells like a hot guy check out the reviews

THIS IS NOT A PAID PROMOTION. In fact Circa Home I’m taking my hat off to you for providing me with a cheaper alternative to a real boyfriend, more sustainable too (lead-free cotton wicks).


“Our fragrances have a warm sentimentality that evokes moments from the past and creates memories for the future…”

^^^ One statement your coconut & lime candle can’t make. 16 year-old touch footy boy meets future hubby, now THAT’s a scent worth burning.

P x

Miss P
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