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Seldom a day goes by that I don’t hear about some new sex craze. It’s like being a beauty editor but instead of concealer on my desk it’s anal relaxant spay, usually 9 am on a Monday.Cute packaging tick, all natural ingredients tick, tick. However in my biz long lasting isn’t always a good thing. Just this morning we received a scented massage candle with an invite for a ‘girls night in’ swingers party.
Probably not the type of event you’d invite your actual girlfriends too. Just saying.
However there is a new sexual fad gaining momentum, pretty girls and rich men meet It’s the underground dating website the Maple HQ girls have been raving about. How else do you fund your expensive lingerie addiction?
Google it and you’ll quickly find out that there are ten sugar babies to one sugar daddy. Maybe a little excessive? You ain’t seen nothing yet.
So you’re a female in your 20’s and you consider yourself more hot than not. You’re well spoken or more preferably you have assets that speak for themselves. Answer a few questions, upload a cute photo and you can subsidise your wage for ‘bespoke services’.
If you’re wealthy you’re it. It doesn’t matter if you have no ears and four nipples if you’ve got cash to splash you’re the most eligible bachelor on the internet.

So one Thursday night after a couple of glasses of wine I decided to sign up to not as the wanton twenty something girl I am, but as a mysterious uber rich man.With active users like ‘Gifted’ and ‘CEO’ I decided to go with something more traditional like ‘Johnny Castle’ (Seeking arrangement advises not to use your real name).

You need to sign up using a real email address and as I couldn’t bare to put my personal or work address I went with the next best thing, my high school address: xo_dancergirl_xo. Johnny embraces his feminine side okay. Now set your net worth. As $100 million plus sounded a little too ambitious I settled for $5 million.

After you enter your location (Point Piper Sydney) and a photo (Pinterest search: executive man) then you have access to 1879 Sugar Babies and their profile photos. A virtual portfolio of Sydney’s sexiest undercover arm candy at your fingertips.

My boy Johnny received 35 views and 11 messages in the first day, however as I settled in to read them an access denied window flashed up on my screen. After a few minutes of poking and prodding I found that messages couldn’t be viewed without paying the monthly subscription fee. Damn!

If you wanna play you’ve got to pay Johnny.



I’ve met smart, beautiful girls who have had unknown Sugar Daddies deposit money directly into their accounts for a strip tease, a peep show and even a long chat.However with every underground sex craze there is always a level of risk involved. A Sugar Baby I know went on a shopping spree with her Sugar Daddy’s credit card details only to have her exuberant transaction rejected on the spot. Accidental insufficient funds? Or just shady from the start.

The appeal for women is that it’s not full blown prostitution, at least that’s what you tell yourself as you bend over in front of a web cam to showcase your $400 lingerie set that your last Sugar Daddy funded.

You know me, I’m no prude (anal relaxant spray) however I’m a firm believer that if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

Remember, for every ten Sugar Babies there’s one Johnny Castle account being run by a lonely perverted twenty-something year old girl.

If you want to try your luck, check it out for yourself:

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