HOB’s Candid Interview with Fashion Weekly

Can you believe it!? Here I was, last Sunday night with an inbox full of unfinished lingerie business plus four subjects worth university assessment and the guilt of having just polished offย one box of pizza Shapes, two Curly Wurly’s and half a block of tasty cheese weighing down on me like a ton of bricks. I was contemplating throwing in the towel, hell I was contemplating throwing in the entire bloody linen cupboard when my phone lit up from beneath a pile of dirty exercise gear.

Was it a text from an ex finally admitting that I am the sexiest, wittiest person they’ve ever met and every night they cry themselves to sleep knowing that I’d rather endure the horrific pain and embarrassment of having a pap smear facilitated by an ugly, old male doctor every day for the rest of my life than get back together with them? No, it was better. It was an email from a lovely, talented woman from Fashion Weekly asking if they could interview me for their online magazine!

I suddenly forgot that my hair was tied up with a g-string because I couldn’t find a hair tie that morning and that I was surrounded by empty take away containers and other unidentified objects that now appeared to be growing in my apartment. I forgot about all of the crap that was going on in my life and just felt like an absolute rock star. Writing this blog means so much to me and being able to create a platform where young women and men can find the beauty and humour in their insecurities (binge eating, pizza Shape addiction come on everyone has one) makes me very happy.

I would absolutely love to share the final product with you!

To check out Fashion Weekly’s article on my crazy life and Heaven on Bourke click the link below::


A ridiculous amount of love to you all!

Paige x


Miss P
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