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I don’t write about fashion or what to wear because it isn’t really my area of expertise. Growing up in Noosa there were only a handful of affordable boutiques to choose from, style savy girls took this as an opportunity to use their imaginations and put together cool op shop outfits or even make their own clothes. Unfortunately when I was caught wearing Supre over the age of 15 I realised that this form of expression didn’t come naturally to me.

That is when I started swearing and writing about boys.

As I’ve gotten older and moved to the city I have definitely developed more of an appreciation for clothes. Not so much for cutting-edge fashion but for rare apparel with the ability to instil confidence into a woman and fear into a man (in a good way of course).

As you all know I like to go on dates. It’s a good way to meet people in the city and check out new places. To me one of the best parts of dating in the city is that moment you first walk into the bar/restaurant/social event. The moment he sees you from across the room and his face immediately lights up.

I’d like to think that it’s my vivacious personality radiating from within that attracts his attention as I walk through the doors. But I know that it’s more likely to be the outfit I’m wearing, the outfit that I have carefully selected for this moment.

So what should you wear if we want to really capture the attention of a man? I think the answer is this: something that you feel wildly confident in.

We all have that go-to outfit for dates, that one dress or skirt that fits us perfectly and makes us feel unbelievably sexy. This ensemble is unlikely to be the most fabulous or expensive piece you own but the one that gets the most praise from the opposite sex.

Whether its the cut or the way you wear it there are just some pieces of clothing that men love. Here are a few of the DH Queen’s favourite clothes that have accumulated a dozen jaw dropping moments over the years.

Exhibit A: For the love of (sexy yet classy) bodycon

When I was in college I was all for the generic skin tight Princess Polly dresses. And as soon as I moved to Sydney and met the Queens they were the first thing to go. ‘Either tits or legs – never both’.

This is when I discovered the sexy yet classy bodycon dress. Strategically placed panels give the appearance of a slimmer waist and sophisticated colour combinations to draw the eye into the centre of the body.

The Dress above by Aussie label August Street has received more praise than any item of clothing I have ever owned. TV personality Bill notorious for never giving compliments once said that it was ‘really nice’ which was massive coming from him. Mr R said ‘that dress always looks amazing on you’ one Friday night as we walked into Rockpool. ‘Look at you’ were the exact words my ex boyfriend expelled from his poisonous mouth the night I ran into him at Double Bay wearing the super flattering number. The list goes on. It’s something about the neutral colours and perfectly placed lines that make this dress simple yet sexy. And we all know that its better to simplify things when it comes to the male species 😉

The best thing about this dress, coincidently called the ‘Queen’ dress is that it is currently on sale here for only $64.95!!! With free shipping. I’ve already ordered my second one!

The night Queen B captured the attention of one of Sydney’s most eligible bachelors at Palmer and Co she was wearing this super sexy yet incredibly elegant black and white number. This dress named ‘Striker’ puts a curve clinging twist on the classic LBD. Perfect for the petite girl the striker dress gives the illusion of a slimmer waist and longer legs.
Over the years I have spent shit loads of money on LBDs that barely receive a second glance.  Something about the subtle peek of thigh makes this number truly unforgettable and at only $70 you’ll have money left over to by a sexy pair of heels to go with. Grab this dress from Showpo Queen B’s favourite online store.

Another place thats perfect to purchase sexy yet classy bodycon dresses and the slimming vegan leather number above is Wilde Willow. A great site for good quality outfits on a budget.

Exhibit B: The super sexy (yet incredibly comfortable) heel

A jaw dropping outfit isn’t a jaw dropping outfit without a really sexy pair of heels. Men love beige heels and for good reason, a great pair of nude shoes give the illusion of super long pins. Queen L gave me the shoes above for Christmas and although I’ve only had them for a little over a month I have now dubbed them ‘my favourite shoes in the world’. Not only are they super comfortable but they are perfect to wear during the day and well into the night.

Oh and did I mention that the hairy chest man god above commented on them not once but twice. ‘Those shoes make you look fucking smoking hot’ he said as I strutted into Cafe Le Monde last Friday night. They also made an appearance last Sunday sesh and no words were needed as he saw them before grabbing my hand and leading me straight to a dark corner of the bar.

Enough said? Enough said. These bad boys are Wittner and are currently on sale. Yeah! Grab a pair here

Exhibit C: Hair and Makeup

Truth be told you can have the sexiest outfit in the world but if your hair and makeup isn’t up to scratch you might as well cancel your Tinder date now. Queen B is a beauty editor and my go to girl for hot date hair and makeup. It’s common knowledge that men don’t like caked on makeup and would take Scarlet Johansson over Charlotte from Geordie Shore any day. If like me you aren’t blessed with flawless skin you’ll be happy to know that the products below will soon become your best friends. Cunning creatures aren’t we? Using makeup to give the illusion of no make up.

Below are a list of affordable makeup products that Queen B uses religiously. With these beauty bargains you can create the look above – unfortunately fantastic boobs are not included.

Foundation: L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation in Golden Natural
Blush: Bourjois Blush in Rose Ambre
Highlighter: NARS Highlighter in Copacabana
Brows: Benefit Browzings Brow Shaping Kit (eyebrows shaped at Benefit brow bar David Jones)
Eyes: Benefit Bronze Eyeshadow Palette, Sportsgirl To The Point Liquid Eyeliner, Benefit They’re Real Mascara
Lips: Marilyn Monroe for MAC in Scarlet

Hair wise you want to opt for natural curls. Queen B’s fool proof method:
1. Curl hair with GhD and spray the shit out of it with CEDEL firm hairspray
2. Brush out with a bristle brush
3. Spray the shit out of it once again

The nights I’ve always received the most compliments from men and women are the nights that I go out feeling a million bucks. My love affair with clothes began when I stopped wearing clothes made for very thin girls and started wearing dresses that enhanced the female form.

Funnily enough men also love figure hugging dresses but they love them even more when you leave a something up to the imagination.

I used to think that girls who had the most fun creating cool outfits were girls with petite frames and slim limbs. But now I realise that creating an outfit is less about the aesthetic and more about the feeling you get when you wear something you really love.

Regardless of what this article suggests, the magic of a great outfit happens even before a man tells you, you look amazing. If the cut of a dress or the perfect height of a pair of heels gives you the confidence to walk into a bar you’ve never been to, to see a man you’ve never met, you know before you even reach the table that you look gorgeous…because it’s all about the beauty you project.

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