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Yesterday evening Lady B and I had the pleasure of attending the launch of One Dress A Day. The magic is literally in the name, One Dress A Day is the first ever online store to add a completely new limited edition dress style every single day. No more waiting around to access new stock, in fact if you want to you can get yourself a different outfit for every day of the week. 
So, we ordered our free Uber cab (more about that later) and headed just down the road to the Jupi Showroom. 
On arrival we were greeted with cute bottles of bubbly and other sweet treats…not paleo but 100% necessary to keep your energy levels up when browsing jewellery and sparkly garments. 

I had a quick peek at the site before the launch and I have to say that the pieces look even more eye catching in real life! As you know by now the Dirthouse Queens and I love a big night out on the town but like most curvy girls it takes a lot to find outfits that we feel confident and sexy in. I really love the styles that One Dress A Day provide because they highlight your womanly bits in a really flattering way so that you can slay men while feeling comfortable well into the night!

Lady B’s favourite was the Barcelona dress as worn by Olivia Palermo if that means anything to you (to be honest I think the woman is a bit of a wanker but the beading on this dress is really gorgeous).

My pick was this Milan Beaded Shift Dress $199. I don’t know whether it was the champagne or the seriously sparkly embroidery but just looking at this LBD put me in a trance. It instantly reminded me of the 1920’s which reminded me of Palmer and Co…I could already envision myself walking into the establishment in this dress and finding Mr. Ryan Gosling Lookalike waiting for me by the bar holding a old fashioned in one hand and a coupe style champagne glass in the other. Hmm…

And then I was immediately thrust back into the 21st century as a tray of buttery vanilla cupcakes approached where Lady B and I were standing. Yes please.

We also got to have a cheeky look at the new Kardashian Kollection, after much anticipation Kimmy K and Co’s range has finally hit Australia, woo! If anyone knows how to accentuate curves it’s got to be these girls right? As I was flicking through the designs I was delighted to see that this new range really covers all basis from sophisticated work attire to something a little sexier for the weekend ;).  If you like the look of any of the dresses I mentioned above including my beloved Milan Beaded Shift Dress head to One Dress A Day’s website now! Its 15% of all dresses today and free shipping worldwide…woot woo! 

After we left the launch we decided to head up to Crown Street for some dinner. The Winery on a Tuesday night? Why not.

When at The Winery one must always sample many different wines.

And then we agreed to meet Queen L at The Clock Hotel for one last drink before we all headed back to The Dirthouse.

Because Lady B works in the media she is always in the know about cool promotions. If you live in the Sydney area grab your phone from under your bed (why I hide my phone under my bed) and download the Uber app now! Until Friday 12pm there is an awesome promotion where you can trial the Uber service for free, not only once but twice! Thats two cab rides up to the value of $30/per ride for free. Even if you don’t have somewhere special to go I recommend you utilise this awesome offer. Heck pretend you’re in an episode of Gossip Girl and get a cab to uni or to the gym…now thats totes Upper East Side.

Thanks again to One Dress A Day for the fab launch…Lady B and I had a great time and absolutely loved the gift bags.

*clear beautifully photographed images provided by One Dress A Day and shitty grainy images provided by my dodgy iPhone 4s.
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