MCW: The Sexiest View in Sydney

Dressed in your best LBD and sky high stilettos, imagine sweeping past the opulent foyer of one of Sydney’s best hotels and into the lift with half a dozen distinguished suits.

You’ve been given a mission: to take the elevator to the very top floor, slip past the bar and secure the golden table in the far left corner that overlooks the glimmering Sydney harbour.

Keep your eye on the prize otherwise some dapper gent and his sugar baby might steal the top spot from underneath you.

Blu Bar located on the 36th floor of the Shargri-La is one of my absolute favourite places for a nightcap in Sydney.

The table in the far left corner is almost impossible to get but if you get there right on 5pm you might just get lucky like I did one clear Tuesday evening…

On arrival I ordered the ‘Not an Apple Martini’ and relaxed back into my chair. At any other bar you can’t help but gaze around the room to see if any eligible gents catch your eye but here the object of your affection is clear…


That view!

My partner in crime for this evening, Miss C ordered herself a L’Orange Sour. We sipped on our delicious cocktails and I shared with her some of my favourite memories I’ve had in this hotel.

“So, after one too many bottles of champagne we agreed to go back to their room. As we’re sitting there in the executive suite we hear a knock on the door and two men in white vests wheel in two massive carts of food. While the guys we met were in the bathroom (busy platting each others hair) My friend had taken it upon herself to order everything off the menu. We smashed the burgers and bolognese and made a dash for the elevator before they knew what hit them.“ I said reminiscing on one of the drunkest nights of my life.


And this is the equally drunken photo to prove it!

All this talk of food had me craving something savoury. We decided to order the Ploughman’s board from the bar food menu $22.


If I hadn’t of just received a slap on the wrist for over spending that week I would have also ordered the Angus tenderloin with roasted potato and red wine jus $26 and to finish, the homemade petit fours $16.

A girl can dream and in a place like this they almost encourage you to explore your wildest fantasies.


The Blu Bar Bucket List (or) Five Smutty Things to do Here Before you Die. 

  1. Have a debaucherous date. While Blu Bar is the perfect place to come for a drink with your girlfriends, after a few glasses of red you’ll be wishing you could take advantage of those darkened corners with a mysterious lover. There’s something seriously sexy about being 36 levels high in the air, with nothing but an intimate elevator ride to bring you back down.
  2. Take a cocktail class. Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur or just like to get drunk, the Blu Bar cocktail classes are a lot of fun. What’s more fabulous than learning to mix a drink by the best in the biz then using what you’ve learnt to host your own party?
  3. Get a room or slip into the Blu Bar’s very private bathroom for a quickie. I love the allure of a good hotel bar. There’s always the lingering though that if things get too hot n’ heavy upstairs you can always check in to the hotel. HOWEVER if you don’t have all the cash to splash, Blu Bar has very discreet individual bathrooms located behind the bar. They are plush and private for those frivolous folk who simply can’t wait until they get home.
  4. Order the 10,000 Diamond Martini.
    Dear future hubby, whoever you may be…please go out on a “limb” for me and buy me the Diamond Martini. Yours sincerely, Miss Greedy.
  5. Break up with someone here. Caught your chap going down on the waitress from Establishment bar? Dump his ass…here. Those views. Your legs. Dirty martini? Dirty Bastard. 

It’s no secret that I have an affinity with this hotel. Any chance I get to celebrate you’ll find me here wrestling someone for the corner seat or writing on the windowsill in one of the beautiful suites. The thing I love most about the Shangri-La is that it offers poverish twenty-somethings like myself a taste of the high life, even if it is just for one glimmering afternoon.



THE VERDICT: Blu Bar, Shangri-La Hotel, 176 Cumberland St, Sydney NSW 2000

The Cheese Board: 6/10 –  While the iberico ham was absolutely delicious there wasn’t enough cheese or bread on the plate to balance it out. Come on…I’m a woman, I need a little foreplay and a whole bunch of meat with white anchovies doesn’t make me drop my knickers. 

The Wine: 9/10 Blu Bar has no shortage of delicious of beverages to quench your thirst. Go wild and try something from the “Classically Different” cocktail list. My pick is the Rosemary Old Fashion with rhubarb bitters, it’s so Mad Men meets My Fair Lady.  

The Location: 10/10 – Must I say anymore? 

The Men: 6/10 – To be honest once you’ve seen that view everything or anyone else is just an after thought... BUT if you insist on picking up an eligible gent here then I suggest going mid week. Tuesdays to Thursdays are the perfect time to catch a business man enjoying an after work drink. If you really want to experience fireworks then I suggest meeting someone you fancy here…it’s the perfect third date spot! 

Overall Wine, Cheese & Men Score: 8/10

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