Le Bush

Working in a lingerie business I am very familiar with Gooseberry Intimates’s scantly clad Instagram feed. Like most young women I am also completely immune to the flawless skin and perfectly toned bodies.

Therefore it takes a lot for an image to stop me dead in my tracks during a scrolling frenzy.

Not only did this image make me stop and take notice but it also started a heated discussion in the office….

Here is the picture. Tell me when you spot it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 1.55.34 pm

Le Bush in all it’s glory via @gooseberryinitmates @jessieandrews

Oh wow” said our handsome French designer with a lustful glare.

Believe me, that’s big coming from a guy who stares at women in lingerie every day. In fact we had just finished a marketing meeting about our latest “dirty weekend” set which not only had a sheer lace bra but an ouvert knicker (French for open).

Say the words “crotchless knicker” to any man in this office and they won’t flinch, add a little hair into the equation and you’ve got yourself a whole other beast.

Okay, so there’s something totally erotic about a little bit of hair. This is quite a weird revelation for someone who has grown up in a society that has shun pubic hair and encouraged all young women to shave or wax their vaginas.

And so after 20 minutes that’s what Instagram did. Deleted the picture.

What is so wrong with the bush?” Our graphic designer pointed out after I notified everyone of the injustice.

If this honey was more partial to a Brazilian then there wouldn’t have been a problem. I know this because the same lingerie set at a similar angle had been posted 8 weeks ago and wasn’t deleted by Instagram even though the same part of her vagina is visible.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 3.09.07 pm

bare n’ beautiful @gooseberryintimates @kiahbutschi

Don’t get me wrong I’m not shaming or blaming anyone. After you’ve been on the other end of a conversation with the Ad Standards Bureau because of a complaint a woman made about our model’s “labia majora” being displayed on our shop windows across Australia (um it was clearly her inner thigh and not her labia majora) you learn to take everything with a grain of hair removal gel.

I’m merely pointing out that it is sad that something so natural has become so taboo.

I’d also like another reason not to put myself through the pain of getting naked in front of a stranger and waxing every time bikini season comes around.

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