Diner en Blanc Sydney

I don’t have much to say about Diner en Blanc only because I cannot, no matter how hard I try find the words to describe how magnificent it was.
But picture this…
You fight against all odds to secure yourself a ticket to one of Sydney’s most exclusive white parties. When the day finally arrives you dress to the nines in your finest all white attire, prepare a rambunctious feast fit for a Queen and stuff it in a picnic basket. Somehow you manage to lug all of your food, tables and chairs to a pickup location and board a bus to a completely unknown destination. The suspense builds as the bus turns onto Bondi Road. You arrive at one of the most iconic beaches in the world, the soft white sand has been smoothed down in preparation for your arrival and giant white balloons line the waters edge. You free your aching feet from your gorgeous yet painful heels and step onto the beach, feeling completely naked apart from your flowing white dress. There are 3000 smiling faces dancing around you. After you erect your table and pop open a perfectly chilled bottle of champagne the sun gently begins to set and vibrant orange and pink swirls of sunlight devour the sky. You are with six of your closest friends, amongst thousands of other best friends. Everyone is happy, everyone is eating and drinking and laughing harmoniously. As the sun fades into darkness the beat drops and everyone peels themselves away from their tables and away from their little groups. Everyone becomes one on the beach which has now become a massive dance floor. You dance into the night and for that moment you  are apart of something bigger, something beautiful, something completely white.
This is what I imagine heaven is like…











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